The Drastics: The Drastics

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Listened through it a few days ago... found it interesting and really listened to every piece to the end... will definitely get another chance soon.

Mmmmmmmh, no, it's not really my thing.
It's too jazzy for me or something like that.

Unfortunately I can’t give away a second chance………… lemmi

Mmmh, sometimes I really like the jazzy thing... that's probably because before I got into reggae and... Dub I really discovered it for myself and listened to a lot of jazz...

I'm happy if my comparison with jazz is somewhat accurate, Philipp.
I have no idea at all about jazz. There are many types of jazz, if I'm not mistaken. There are old hip-hop tunes that really flashed me and after a long time I checked that the basis was also an old jazz tune. So jazz can't be bad, but for me it's like classical music. I have to go through about a thousand and one pieces until I find one for myself. In the “Four Seasons” by Mozart or Beethoven or was it Vivaldi (?!), I think about 10 minutes are really good, the rest is too jazzy for me ;-)

Sometimes I like to be a “philistine” …………….. lemmi

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