The Loving Paupers With Victor Rice: The Ghost of Ladders

One Reply to “The Loving Paupers With Victor Rice: The Ghost of Ladders”

Here, too, I have a lot to complain about in detail, but I'll leave it here because I still really like how charmingly the Loving Paupers interpret reggae and how skillfully Viktor Rize plays on the nipples and thus stimulates all the senses. Unfortunately, the basic sound setting is a bit too dull.
Yes, sometimes I eat “too high” and sometimes “too low”.
No worries ……. My personal low point was yesterday.
Actually no wonder, because before I had 4 - in words - FOUR! free and very nice days in a row. So Monday doesn't come at all at the right time…….. if you know what I mean.

I love May! ……………………… lemmi

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