The Red Eyes: Higher Ground

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Original Production outa the Sattadub Studio, Big thanks to Chris and Biba for their analogue Dub Support.
Big Up to all People who involved to mek this Album Possible.
One Love

Yeah "man" !!!

I got this album at home and I feel great about that. The vocal versions are excellent and the DubVersions are extraordinarily fine stuff !!!
It is always a great pleasure for me to bring the Vinyl in heavy rotation !!!

This production is one of my favorite new (Dub-ble)Albums in 2023 !!!

“Great things happening over there” …………………… lemmi

Got this record spinning yesterday, WOW, what a fresh release! The Vocal Versions are deep, rootsy and full of true messages, but the real deal is record 2 with all the dub Versions of Record 1. Take a deep breath, close your red eyes, and enjoy this pearl of analog mixed DUB!

Fantastic group of great singers & players. Unbelievable sound.
"deep roots/ meditation style"

You seldom find such a gem nowadays.
you love stand high patrol, or the co-operators ?check this band!

I really hope to see them on stage this summer.

I love The Red Eyes album. fresher Dub Reggae. The album goes up and down with me. ???? I'm curious to see what else these guys from Münster will deliver?

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