Paradise DUB Connection: Dubam' La Cumbia Vol. 1

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Dub to order !!!

For whatever reason. They catered to my innermost desires. Cumbia In Dub !!! I'm in the flow!
After reggae comes cumbia for me! What a groove!?!

Getting close to my top 5 for this year. Fantastic Boombastic Dub !!!

So long…………… lemmi

Hi Lemmi, I got the album right away and I'm just as excited. Cumbia is just amazing music. And in Dub, she is even more fantastic.


Do you mean by “fetched” that there is really (I mean really ;-) ) an album to buy?
Or is it “only” on your hard drive?
I already have (we have) a crazy album where the Mad Professor cumbia Dub has refined. I also think this disc is fantastic (but only half of it ;-) ).
The accordion is also magical and (at least that's how it seems to me) an integral part of cumbia.
Cumbia mixed with reggae is almost like the crown of creation ( Sorry, I'm getting back into my mode and writing a lot more than I actually wanted )

So if there's a vinyl or a CD, send me one ;-)

No, it should be enough if you say where it is.

So long………… lemmi

The tropical Dub Connection has been a good address for the finest sound for some time now, I like it too, although I would like to have a little more bass in the mix... but I only "overheard" it briefly...
@lemmi: well, if things get tight, I recommend a top 2022 for 10...

Yo, it will probably be at least a top 10 ;-)

I've seen you and René since the supporters for this "disc" at Band Camp.

I seem to vaguely remember reading about “Tropical Dub Connection” have already scolded me fiercely. I don't know why anymore and I would say there is no longer any reason for it.

So long …………… .. lemmi

Small correction by myself.
I praised the "Irie Selection Vol. 1" very much, as I just read again.
Brutal I this beautiful DubAlbum also already against forgotten. Your own fault! Why do they do this everywhere?
fine Dubs. Soon I really can't see the forest for the trees anymore. But I also continue to do it for myself out of pure self-protection. No CD or vinyl means insignificance to me……………..

But that occurs to me with this special cumbiaDubIt's very, very difficult, I have to admit. And I fear the Savona/Gaudi Dubs is also only available as a data package.

Ah, but today it's also buzzing in my head. If there is vinyl, but - as is so often the case - not everything is on it and then at a nice plastic price, I call out again:


So long ……………… lemmi

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