Youthie & Macca Dread: Gecko Tones

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Wow, the first track is really bold and I think Youthie (or is it Youtie???) has matured like a good drop of red wine. I particularly like the interplay between the brass and the transverse flute... and it's not too intrusive, really stylish! The second tune really gets you going... promising... could be an early highlight of the year! We will see…
How I would love to be there in Paris for the release event ( ...

I also always think Youthie and Macca Dread are nice.
However, I still can't manage a whole album in one go, as there is often too much "whistle" and "blowing" for me. Her use of the accordion in her works is also very refreshing. For me it has a lot more power than the melodica!
Each piece is unique but is exactly right. I like all types of flutes and almost all other wind instruments, but here too the dose can be toxic for me.
So I have to divide it up a bit.
The rhythm carpet was once again woven very tight and fluffy by Macca Dread.

So long…………… lemmi

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