Portugal Dubwise

Did I already mention how much it amazes me, but also how happy it is that Dub is now created, played and heard by nice people in almost every place in the world? Yes, Dub has become real “world music” - even if it still exists far below the mainstream's threshold. As expected, there is also a lot going on in Portugal Dub-Scene, like the sampler "Portugal Dubwise“(Subciety) now impressively demonstrates. Stately 19th Dubs of 19 different Dub-Artists are gathered here, which makes the quantitative dimension of the scene clear. But Portugal is also extremely versatile in terms of style. While the first tracks relaxed images of infinitely Dub- Conjuring producers who sit in Lisbon cafés and drink Cortado and click lounge-like beats together on their laptops, the middle section of the sampler reveals the hard side of the Portuguese Dub-Production. SteppersDubs that have washed themselves really well and would fit perfectly into a Marc Iration set. At the end there are a few more experimental tracks that even have subtle technoid sounds. Overall, a very solid and curated with a lot of flair for a seamless flow DubSampler placing emphasis on the world map of Portugal Dub puts.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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