Pressed Records: Dub Compilation Vol. 1


As we all know, has Dubstep with Dub not too much in common. Still, some feel Dubstep artists the classic Dub so committed that they will deal with him occasionally Dub- Show respect to productions. The UKDubstep label Pressed Records has now put together such productions by the in-house artists into a sampler and made it highly creative "Dub Compilation Vol. 1“(Pressed Records) titled. The tracks collected here are (quite in contrast to the album title) quite creative and also really good (which doesn't have to be related). This shows again that genre outsiders are often exciting, because they are freed from expectations and conventions, Dubs can create. Certainly sounds a little here and there Dubstep through, but all tracks are based on solid offbeat and officially approved reggae basslines. So no risk for Dub-Purists. In September the compilation even landed at number 1 in the JunoDubSales charts.

Rating 4 stars

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Hi, here is mine Dub Charts 2016:
Dub–Top Ten 2016 by Philipp K

1 Paddy Free - In Dub

2 Animat - Side by Side

3 Youth & Gaudi - 2063: A Dub Odyssey

4 Dub Spencer & Trance Hill - Physical Echoes

5 Zion I Kings - Dub in Style

6 Dub Dynasty - Holy Cow

7 Brain Damage - Talk The Talk

8 Gaudi - In Between Times, The Remixes

9 Quantic & Flowering Inferno - 1000 watts

10 Near Dub Experience - Near Dub experience

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