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Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno: 1000 watts


It is not uncommon for genre outsiders to come from who make the most exciting genre albums. This is often due to the fact that, due to their musical background, they either do not know or simply do not accept certain conventions. Their understanding of sound and rhythm is only partially compatible with the respective genre, which is why their music often sounds unconventionally new and unheard. The same goes for Quantic, but in a very subtle way. Behind the name is Will Holland, born in England, who emigrated to Colombia in 2007, a thoroughbred musician with a penchant for jazz, soul & funk, Afrobeat and tropical sounds. Especially in the field of salsa and cumbia he let off steam and released pioneering albums. With "1000 Watts“(Tru Thoughts) he has now under the name“ Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno ”the reggae and Dub facing - and that with incredible meticulousness and dedication. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to build these great old school rhythms and reproduce the 1970s Jamaican sound so faithfully. His productions make you think of Prince Fatty, who has a similar approach. An obvious connection to this is Hollie Cook, who is featured as a guest singer on the album and contributes the wonderfully melancholy song "Schuffle Them Shoes". Besides her, there is U-Roy on another piece and Christopher Ellis on two. The rest of the 14 tracks are Dubs, mostly garnished with great brass melodies. Everything perfectly thought out and so damn authentic. Or not? The arrangements and sound are unbelievably old school, but somehow something else resonates: A special lightness, a playful quality, perhaps a delicacy in the brass arrangements, which seems strange and suggests the spirit of Latin. With the piece “Chambacú” the connection to the cumbia becomes obvious, and with “Macondo” a flawless cumbia title sneaks into the playlist two tracks later. What a beautiful synthesis of Caribbean sounds.

Rating 5 stars

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The thing has been going on with me for a long time, a beautiful, versatile record that you can enjoy “in one piece”.

Before my mustard tube dries out completely, I would like to agree with you in the first place. GREAT DISC !!! But there was something with “Flowering Inferno” a few years ago. Even more Latino and Cumbia stuff (not meant derogatory). From then on I knew that any music with African roots could be a good one Dub can make. Cumbia Dub broadens my horizons. Does rock music actually have African roots? (Can’t actually be real).

Lee "Scratch" Perry legalize cannabis ………………………… lemmi

Hello Rene,

thank you for the review. I recently discovered Quantic for myself ... because of the Cubia track “Cumbia Sobre El Mar” on his previous album “Dog With A Rope”. It has a similar structure to your praised “Chambacu”.

And now I've actually bought a CD again after years.

Greetings and have a nice day


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