R.Esistance in Dub Meets Longfingah: The Longfingah Attack

I have seldom heard such a stylish old school MC as Longfingah. Even with his early recordings as the singer of Illbilly Hitec, I noticed him positively. Not just me, because productions followed with Mungo's HiFi, Zion Train and Dubmatix. With "Urban Mystic" followed an album and now with "The Longfingah Attack“A really nice new EP with four vocal tunes and four Dubs before. But the MC does not deserve the only praise here: The Italian liveDub-Band R.Esistance in Dub has perfectly matched Dub-Rhythms supplied; none other than Paolo Baldini produced and that Dubs mixed. An extremely strong German-Italian overall package. The only point of criticism: I would have much preferred a whole album - but maybe the spice is in the brevity.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

One reply to “R.Esistance in Dub Meets Longfingah: The Longfingah Attack "

Attention attention ! This is Edgar Wallace speaking!

Brevity is the soul of wit ! Fat sound! Longfingah has it! Paolo Baldini rules! The band is shocking the monkey and I like it loud !!!

Tonight all Borussia play and that's HAMMERTIME! … .. (even if Hamilton is not driving today) ………………………… lemmi

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