R-Juna: Dubs and praises

What inspires me again and again is that the small sub-genre Dub draws a lot of people worldwide under its spell and always bears new, interesting fruit. The Cypriot DubAt the end of November, ophonic Records released a new album by an American producer and DJ that I hadn't even known before: R-Juna "Dubs and praises“ (Dubophonic Records). Roy Waterford aka R-Juna can look back on 10 years of experience in the music business, has produced and released several albums of various genres, but prefers hip-hop.
R-Juna, from Bloomington, Indiana, claims to be returning to his own Dub-Reggae roots back and now published at Dubophonic Records his first album. "Dubs and Praises “consists (unfortunately) of only seven instrumental tracks, which fully convince me with really rich bass lines, melodic riffs, occasional horn section fragments and plenty of reverb and echoes. I would describe the style of the album as traditional roots reggaeDub paired with a modern ambient downbeat feeling. All tracks were produced, mixed and mastered by Roy Waterford aka R-Juna himself. Well done, Man!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Ok, it took me a while to form an opinion about it. There is just a lot to check in the loop, or in the international, global PipeLine Of Dub.
Even if you don't like that Ras Vorbei but I think I'll be slowly writing, "I like"! .... because I'm running out of superlatives to get the hot one Dubs to meet.
Also R-Juna: Dubs and Praises is totally my thing. Sometimes I have old Creation Rebel moments and the RiddimKeyboard even sounds like various ones Dub Syndicate moments. Dub as the measure of all things !!!
I also find it fascinating that it is also in Cyprus, for example Dub Music producers out there. Dub has become a worldwide phenomenon. Together with Hopes and Herbes, in my opinion it is also the best roots medicine that you can give yourself as a person. Even if my comments sometimes (or always?) Suggest the opposite. But how did you last say in the institution ?! "Do more nonsense ladies and gentlemen" !!!
Unfortunately, that's no nonsense from me, because I have to admit that my “self-proclaimed perfect pitch” keeps failing me. I often cannot say with exact certainty whether it is synthybass (or Roma bass) or real bass or even both together. Even with "Dubs and Praises “I think I often hear a keyboard bass. By the way, quite often at Dub Syndicate. But no matter, as long as the bassline grabs me and it doesn't degenerate into boom, I don't care. The main thing is that it grooves!

Well, what do I do with this one now Dub ? I would say off the playlist with it and may the time come that I listen to it again. If my ears last that long, I'll have all day listening to music in about 14 years.
But now I have to check the tickets of the passengers in the elevator first. (The idea is not mine, but that's exactly my thing).

Until then ……………………… .. lemmi

Ah lemmi,

your humor is just amazing ;-))))! I like that!

The thing with the bass [whether Synthy or Roma ;-))))] causes problems for me more and more often. At least since the Chronicle Dub Trio, I'm amazed that the digital bass can sound so fat.

Dubvirus is now circulating around the world and at the moment so many beautiful albums are being released that it is almost impossible to keep track of it.

Incidentally, goes international, too!
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"Of the Dubvirus is now circulating around the world and at the moment so many beautiful albums are being released that it is almost impossible to keep track of it. "

Possibly is Dub too simple, too, so that there are so many who deliver such good things. Maybe we are Dubfans all so simple that we think it's all awesome. For me, I can only say that I basically everyone Dub good to very good. That's why I want the slices that I consider the top of the Dubs also like vinyl or at least a CD.
All the other (also) good material then just stays in the "loop". I only mess around so much because I have to talk badly to myself, because otherwise (as already mentioned) I would have to have at least the seven lives of a cat to check everything properly.

I'm with MAD PROFESSOR / ADRIAN SHERWOOD / Nick Mannaseh / Scientist and possibly Prince Jammy (Scientist thinks Prince Jammy would never have one Dub mixed and only put his name underneath if the scientist himself wasn't paying attention),
grew up. Fewer new discs came onto the market each year than in one night today. That could be mine Dubskull process everything very well and also celebrate properly but today I unfortunately have to tip over it very often superficially.
Because there are simply a lot of very good new ones DubWizzards that basically deserved a lot more of my attention. I really feel that as a great psychodilemma, because it creates a certain dissatisfaction in me, which stems from the fact that I know a lot but ultimately cannot enjoy everything for a long time. I'm back to eating:
Feels a bit like standing at the Chinese man's buffet and knowing from the start that with the best will in the world, I can't eat everything that I would love to try.

By the way, the "thing" with Scientist and Prince Jammy can also be a complete "Murx" of me, because I don't speak English well and so on.
But I understood it that way in an interview with Scientist at Reggaeville.

I would not be shaken in any way by a corrective instruction (if necessary).

Until ………………………………. lemmi

Yes lemmi,

sometimes less would be more. We start at one Dub-Overfeeding to suffer. Here we are again at the curse of the WWW. Our favorite pieces of music are always and everywhere available in unlimited quantities. The trick is really, that everyone selects for themselves and picks out the icing on the cake, which is not always that easy. Believe me, there will be drought again, when we will be happy that there are still some undiscovered diamonds in the "pipeline".
I also have no idea why so many are good to very good at the moment Dubs can be found. For me and not just for me Dub the essence of reggae, maybe more and more sound engineers see it that way. In addition, your assumption will be correct that it is many times easier today, awesome Dub-Album to be delivered. The technology is much more advanced. For example, a more powerful processor is built into a smartphone today than the computer in the Apollo XI was. That says it all. A good Dub It is certainly not easy to do, but the technology - which you still have to master - is more likely.

I would say to Prince Jammy to save his honor, he has proven from time to time that he is very well able to deliver good to very good albums on his own. Some works that appeared later were guaranteed to have been created without the involvement of Scientists. But what was going on between the two of them in Tubby's studio back then is beyond my knowledge.

Everything is already pretty far out, but I am always amused when I read here and there how the Jamaicans all nag each other afterwards. Good Lee hits Bob Marley in almost every interview
one out.
There we go again, reggae has nothing to do with peace, joy, pancakes and the "good vibes" so often evoked by Whyties
to do.
But when I keep hearing that reggae is soooooohoho chill, I don't understand the world anymore. Reggae is the bulwark against Babylon !!! Reggae is marching music !!! Dead to all black and white oppressors !!!!

Yeah man, I know I'm in the best mood for my Thursday reggae fair !!!

Got to go …… until then …………………… .. lemmi

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