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From the Cypriot Dubophonic Label has something new to announce again. A year after his reggae /Dub-Debut release "Dubs And Praises“Is the American producer from Indiana Roy Waterford aka R-Juna with his second DubAlbum "Rockers Dub“ (Dubophonic Records). And what shall I tell you? The heart of an old deadhead like me opens when a Dub-Artist more than 25 years after Jerry Garcia's sudden death (1995) and the official breakup of the Grateful Dead, two of the band's absolute classics: "Franklin's Tower" and "Fire On The Mountain" make one Dubundergoes treatment and chases through the echo chamber. Of course, the two titles are also proof of the extraordinary importance Grateful Dead - * the "most American" of all bands - has (had) in the USA. And what else is there to discover on the new release? There is also a beautiful one in the ten new productions collection DubInterpretation of the Red Stripes all-time cracker "Seven Nation Army" and the Doors classic "Riders On The Storm" with samples of Jim Morrison's original voice. The remaining six tracks are proper original compositions in the traditional rootsDub-Style that R-Juna has elegantly positioned between the classics. The album was produced, mixed and mastered again by Roy Waterford single-handedly. Only for the DubColton Lantz was hired on guitar to assist with the editing of the Grateful Dead Tracks. As a small downer, I have to say that Colton Lantz doesn't even come close to the crystal clear guitar sound of a Jerry Garcia. With the "Fire on the (Mountain) Dub“Succeeds a little better. Anyway, because that is whining on a high level. Like R-Juna's first one DubAlbum "Dubs & Praises ”also costs“ Rockers Dub“Again only what you are willing to pay.

* The most "American" of all bands because they knew how to effortlessly adapt almost all American styles of music to their unique band sound.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Actually, the "disc" is far too good to look for any "hair in the soup" again. Especially "above the belt line", i.e. in the keyboard and synthesizer area,
the dates offer a lot of nice things for me DubEffects that are ensnared by - for my taste - beautiful little melodies. Or the other way around ?!
Especially with “Franklins Dub“Does the synthesizer man (or is it a man?) Play the tone sequences in a way that appeals to me. I can dreamily take a scenic flight over Alice's wonderland. In addition, the Dub also a nice bass melody that adds to the Dub together with the drums also give a solid foundation around the bottom.
In short, "I like it"! My "Hubble Telescope Ears" are often directed outside the box into the infinite expanse of the music universe, but the Grateful Dead has always been made up of gravitational lenses in the form of extremely massive reggae - and DubGalaxies deflected and was no longer perceptible to me. Today a "Neutrino" from the Grateful Dead came through to me because I got through the "Franklins Dub"Inspired, actually dared to look into the" Deep Grateful Dead Field ". And I have to say, when there was no reggae, it was a pretty good alternative! Or did both "see" the sound of the world at about the same time in different parallel universes ?!
I liked the “Riders On The Storm Version” from Tor Ma In Dub already much better, but I can also use this version of R-Juna a little bit better after each run. In general, this is once again a "database" like many DubDiscs does not lead to completely crazy euphoria right from the start, but it really gives me more pleasure every time I listen to it. Dub is also something for explorers and researchers and there is definitely a lot to discover here. But everyone has to find out for themselves. You have to go to the “Dungeons Of Dub”Because the real“ optics ”of one Dubs cannot be described in words. You have to go there yourself.
All I have here about the small selection Dubs figured out and tried to describe, "gilden" basically for the entire "disc".
And where's the fly in the ointment?!?
Puuuuuuuuuuuul Up! and Rewind !!! Only when I can leave out the goosefoot above the word “disc” is the project complete for me. As long as I should be fed with data, I'm brushed on riot.

Love and Peace ……………………… .. lemmi

Hi Lemmi,

You have brought it all to the point once again! Your fine hearing is really amazing.
Incidentally, that was also my feeling that “Rockers Dub“Don't take you straight away and get the Dubs have to develop slowly in the ear canals. With every listening, new nuances and subtleties are discovered. I can't tell you how many times I have z. B. I've already heard the first track "My Deliverer", only today at 4:40 am I recognized Bob Marley's voice. The album is like a lucky bag.
We old hands are slowly having to come to terms with the fact that many “albums” will only appear digitally. Probably just because of a lack of money.

I can't understand the thing with the lack of money.
Since then the fact that the servers consume an extremely large amount of electricity for all of this streaming is not a fact at all, but fake news….

There's no end to plastic, so just make a big groove on each side
or just a lot of small burned dots. Wasn't a problem so far. Turn on the machine in the morning and 2000 DISCS in the evening
to sell ! Ok, it really doesn't fit the time anymore. Today everything is just ex and hop anyway and something “new” has to be found.

Never mind, I'm sorry ....... I have imaginary deleted this comment.

Just read drübba away or ignore ………………… lemmi

“Profitability” might be better than “lack of money”. Producing and distributing physical sound carriers is significantly more expensive than uploading sound files. The same applies to music lovers: for € 10 per month instant access to all new releases is considerably cheaper than buying expensive vinyl records or CDs (usually online) and then having them delivered by parcel delivery service.

I therefore see streaming as a blessing rather than a curse - but less because of the costs and more because of the abundance of music that I can discover and enjoy there.

By the way, I don't buy DVDs anymore, I'm a happy Netflix subscriber. As a friend of Asian films, I don't regret the cumbersome DVD import a bit. I feel the same with music.

“Instant access” also reflects my emotional state very well.
“Instant access” immediately reminds me of instant coffee.
In some situations that's better than nothing.

Well, I'm just happy for you and everyone else, for whom things are going so well now ;-)

Greetings ………………… lemmi

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