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Radical Guru: Dub Mentalist


Who radical Dub-Like sounds, he should check out Radikal Guru's new work "Dub Mentalist“Listen to (Moonshine Recordings). It is now the third solo work by the Polish Dubbers and undoubtedly its most mature. How so? Because it is less radical than the two predecessors. During his debut "The Rootsstepa" in particular, uncompromisingly hard steppas with occasional excursions in Dubstep area, and the following work "Subconscious" was also quite rough, is "Dub Mentalist “more balanced, more differentiated, more imaginative and less clichéd in terms of sound. Above all, Radikal Guru has cleared out his productions. Less is more now, the rhythms are reduced, more to the point, rely on drum & bass instead of stacking sound layers on top of sound layers. Who now softened intellectualsDub expected, is still completely wrong. The radical guru has already stayed true to his name. Everyone who Dubs would cut a fine figure in the sound system. The bass lines are massive, there is no shortage of reverb and echo, the brass section blares their melodies into the gloom of the sound, and the obligatory melodic sounds. Actually the perfect form of steppas that should also work on album length. As usual with the guru, vocalists are on board again: Jay Speaker, Echo Ranks, Solo Banton and Earl 16. Their contributions fit in wonderfully with the Dub-Flow of the album. Especially nice: Violinbwoy garnishes one of the gentler tracks with sweet violin playing. That also makes sense on this varied album.

Rating 5 stars

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I have the two predecessors from Radical Guru. But only because I got it for 6 euros here in the shop, so to speak. And I've always been too intellectual for this album, too. In any case, for the most part I have the feeling that the sound is coming from a drainpipe with roaring walls.
Are there actually examples of softened intellectuals Dub ?
Maybe I should go to such a dark cellar, where it only seems to be
"On the face" gives. But somehow that doesn't work, because although I always thought that beyond reggae I was also a "real" Dubfan (you already called me one Dubconnaisseur),
can I join Dub-Sound systems just bore you. So either none of them have a real one Dubfeeling or I'm not a fan of Dub-Music. In any case, I find it strange that one is long-established DubFan because it doesn't even get its money's worth.
But maybe the difference from Dub zu Dub-Music has not been so very clear so far.
Well, I put this a bit “strange” but I really don't understand where you get the five stars from here. Or should we all slowly get used to a lower basic level?
Sorry, that sounds a bit nasty to me, but the “intellectually softened” one Dub“Provoked me. Mainly because it comes from your pen.

I don't really find anything that sounds like reggae really bad, and this Radical Guru disc might be on my shelf one day after all, if it's available for five euros ninety.

Supporting the Singers and Players of Instruments ……………………… lemmi

Hi Lemmi,
Dub and roots reggae should definitely be experienced in such a cellar (z. B. in the U-Club in Wuppertal) - however, preferably if a real, good sound system is used there with its own system. Then namely will Dub a truly physical experience. Music of this intensity cannot be “experienced” more impressively in any other place.
But of course the bass sound is not enough. It also takes good music. I find that the guru finds a pretty good balance here. Okay, "softened intellectualDub“Is probably a bit too pointed here. I also like complex, weird ones myself Dubthat is better suited for the sofa than for the basement. But in the end it is only important that there is the right one for almost every listening situation Dub-Sound there.


Well, I really appreciated and loved Radikal Guru for his Radical Style. This album seems too far removed from its "recipe for success"! I am clearly missing the gunpowder in the barrel to let it rip properly. It's a shame actually ... I was really looking forward to the new album. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good album in terms of quality. However, I'm just missing something ...

Moin everyone!

Yes, of course that's true. There is a suitable one for every listening situation Dub-Sound. The same goes for reggae in general, in my opinion. That's why I don't need a different style of music. When it comes to other styles of music, I (almost) always lack the ingenious reggae rhythm.
By the way, I went to the U-Club in Wuppertal once. The basement is really the hottest location I've ever been able to enjoy reggae. I was standing next to Mad Professor and a few others with me
Dub Addicts and we were able to marvel at how he, for example, disassembled Welcome to Jamrock into its individual parts and then sent it back into the galactic sound cosmos in a concentrated form with warp drive. Add to that the room where above it is printed in bold
"Smoking Area" is written (or was it?). It makes my heart feel very warm.
Well, I know that the thing with the fucking powder and the crack is more of a metaphor. With all the noise, I somehow lack substance. The soul of the music of the groove falls by the wayside.
In my opinion, all these cinema strips, these photo films - as I've been calling them recently - have long ceased to be the beginning of the end, but rather the end.
Remakes after remakes, no new ideas and just hectic and noise. Often the pictures are snipped so quickly that you hardly recognize or perceive anything. This has the small advantage that you don't see how bad the tricks are. None of this has any deeper effect on me, it's just annoying. But the young people think that's cool.
With Papillon or Apocalypse Now they don't turn off, they don't turn on at all. I would be happy if such films were made today that convey such a magical feeling as in Apocalypse Now. Although it's a film about the war, it's not nearly as stupid as in the first ten minutes of a James Bond or Transformer flick.
Mmmmmh? .... and what did I want to get across with all this writing?
Well I need more feeling in music and in films. No pure showmanship, no blasting around, no ego shooter stuff.
But that doesn't mean that I like a record of “Rosamunde Pilcher In Dub" would like to have.
Ok Ok ……. are ultimately all just opinions and comments. I can't stop time. It comes as it comes.

Greetings …………………… lemmi

Sounds almost like you have something against effects. But Dub is the music of the (sound) effects ;-)


Hehe, sorry if that comes across as if I always have the last word.
Yes, that's the way it is ;-) …………… No, you are of course welcome to add another one if I can allow you to do that in YOUR BLOCK? ;-)
Actually, I just wanted to confirm you. Also in Dub there are very bad effects and a very bad groove. Whereby the groove should be "equivalent" to the plot of a film.
To the very bad ones Dub - Effects for me, for example, include such a simple dumb beeping, as it unfortunately happens with some Dubs that I got from the Twinkle Brothers. Some of the best riddims that ever existed in reggae are ridiculed by this beeping. Have already developed the conspiracy theory that this beeping was subsequently spit on by the Babylon system so that no one would find this music good.
The (original) version of the Cuss Cuss Riddim is also very unsympathetic in my opinion due to this beeping. Mad Professor has been this weird for ages Dub-Effect on the bass. I can't remember the name for this effect. What for ?!
In any case, this effect isn't the reason I'm so into Mad Professor. My favourite - Dubs of him can do without this stupid effect or they are so horny that even this effect cannot destroy them.
And precisely this effect is used in the dub-step even further exaggerated and gutted, so that in the end we (I) feel like in transformer 5.
By the way, I also thought the first transformer was awesome ;-). It was a new idea and had very good effects, but all sequels were unnecessary ... .. but not for the box office.
Film critics have already pissed me off the latest “Star Wars” film, because they said the final battle would have been too long. Jo, Baller Baller Ballermann.
I cannot and do not want to understand that especially in this day and age - when so many innocent people, especially women and children, are driven into misery and death by all this warlike drift - one more shot in the film (so to speak in his precious free time) wants to see and hear.

Stop the violence ……………………… lemmi

When it comes to “beeping”, I think of “King of the Dub Rock ”, which in the original release was covered over and over with the sounds from Space Invaders. Meanwhile the overdubs fortunately removed.


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