Raiders of the Lost Dub

In 1981, Indiana Jones began the hunt for the lost treasure, which not only caused a tremor in the cinema. In the same year, the booming one reacted Dubworld on the hype with "Raiders of the Lost Dub". It wasn't the first time that Dubinspired by Hollywood albums - just think of “Star Wars Dub"," Scientist & Jammys Strike Back "or the" Tough Guys "of the Fatman Riddim Section - but rarely has it been copied as brazenly as in this case. The cover artwork was a copy of the "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" soundtrack by John Williams, even the The lettering was identical. Island Records had approved the forgery, after all the vocal versions came from the Dubs from their greatest hits catalog. Burning Spears “Social Living” and I Jah Man's “Molding” had been pulled through the effect board by Karl Pitterson, “Man Next Door” in the version of the Paragons got one Dubtreatment by Steven Stanley. Sly & Robbie had produced and played six of the ten titles themselvesdubbt, including Junior Delgados “Fort Augustus” and “Guess Who's Coming To Diner” by Black Uhuru, who participated in the hunt with four songs. The album was shaped by the fact that the studio technology was no longer limited to four tracks and access was no longer limited to Dubben had become more variable as a result. The mixes looked correspondingly hard and modern when the LP was released in the same year as the film and soundtrack. As soon as it came, it disappeared again. It is said that legal issues with the cover meant that “Raiders of the Lost Dub“Has never been re-pressed. Music On Vinyl has the Brutal DeluxeDub-Adventure refreshed by a dust-free master and the LP reissued for the first time in almost 40 years with the original artwork. (The slightly changed text first appeared in RIDDIM 01/21)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Loved the album as a teenager. Now when I hear it again I'm surprised how good it still sounds and how creative Sly & Robbie used to produce and workdubhave bt. How nice that it survived the Test of Time so well and is now even available in streaming.

If you were mainly in the "Sherwood Forest" like me today, they sound like that DubIt's more like instrumentals here. But the riddims are of course the finest!

Most of all I am happy about "Well Of Souls" Feel The Spirit !!! My TOP favorite from the Wailing Souls !!! I always found the mix to be top notch, and my disc also lasts for about a minutedubbed ". I always thought it was a shame that the DubPart because the showcase was not full. As of today, even this little drop of despair has been wiped away.

So long ………………… .. lemmi

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