Rapha Pico & The Noble Chanters: The Glory of Dub

Rapha Pico, singer from the Netherlands, fell for the first time with his EP "Continue The Glory" on. First and foremost, whether his voice, which could be classified somewhere between Ras Batch and Army - that is, a voice without qualities, quasi the basis of life for background singers. Secondly, whether the texts, with their simplicity and the effort of the simplest images, do not go beyond the usual and well-known Rasta sensitivities. So far, so bad - if it weren't for a steadfast backing band called "The Noble Chanters"; if it weren't for an extremely successful production that couldn't be more classic:

Well, the hard-working reviewer always finds something to complain about - even if it's just the drummer who imitates Carlton Barrett very nicely, but with time it gets annoying: there is only one Carlton Barrett with his extraordinary drum style; Clones cannot get close to him and are superfluous - with the exception of the drummers in the various Wailers incarnations post-Marley, of course.

So let's turn to the freshly appeared Dub-Counterpart of the EP, aptly "The glory of Dub“Titled (Noble Chanters Productions). Acoustically rougher and not as polished as the vocal album, drums and bass with amazing dynamics are in the foreground. The vocal explosions that appear again and again in the pieces are very well chosen and mostly reflect the essence of the respective lyrics. The Dub-Effects couldn't be more classic: calm echoes and reverbs run through the whole album; one or the other soundtrack fades in and out gently. And that's it, nothing more is needed. Listeners carry this through six tracks, which together last an astonishing 42 minutes - while the vocal counterpart with six tracks only lasts 28 minutes. Somebody has a lot of fun with extra-long ones Dub Versions, and the joy is mine:

By and large, “The Glory of Dub“In other words, a successful one, if not one that likes to experiment Dub-Album which, with its unobtrusive nature, is ideally suited as background music for working, reading or snoozing. For the reviewer, it would be worth a smooth 4-star rating, if ... yes, if there weren't inexplicable and senseless seconds of silence at the beginning and end of every single track. It takes 5 seconds, believe it or not, 20 seconds. That is extremely annoying, it spoils the listening pleasure massively and, in my opinion, cannot be justified as a stylistic device. Why there was no editing here remains a mystery that the readers of this review may be able to clarify. Until then, I regret to deduct two stars from the rating.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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Yes, now I have to be careful that what I think about the record doesn't come off too badly. I find two stars too few, but I can understand how they came about. I would also have subtracted two stars but 2 out of 5 and that would still put me at three ;-) Sure, the breaks somehow don't work either, but I subtract the stars because of the commonality and the lack of willingness to experiment. The sound is excellent, but there are hardly any effects and echo and reverb are in fact very "unexcited", so that they "excite" me little or no. But that sounds worse than I mean it, because I don't always need the full climate program with effect thunderstorms, DubStorm and local sound tornadoes that can tear the ground away from under your feet. It is always good as "background music", although I would consider it a sin if one would even lose the slightest thought of work while enjoying the disc.
Yes, if the hard-working reviewer always finds something to complain about, then that's almost a must for me. And so I have to say that the length of 9 min. + x find quite ambitious. Soooo good, exciting and varied they are Dubs again not. Not because of that but I still like the shortest one Dub best here on the disc. "Every day Dub“I like it so much that I actually tried the vocal version again. I also like that very much, I have to say. Of the Dub is actually almost a DubPlacebo or is already heading in the direction of homeopathy - and then I'm back to "Groundhog Day" - the riddim or this bassline catches me. It also looks familiar to me, but I can't say whether it is relatively young or whether it enriched life on earth in the old Studio One days.

"Rudeboy Shuffle" …………………………… lemmi

I'll tell you how it is: Dub 24/7/365. I am currently working hard to stop "listening" to music while sleeping at night. In the meantime, I've also managed to go out of the house without headphones. Work without Dub only when absolutely necessary: ​​i.e. zoom meetings, phone calls, writing texts. Otherwise see above: 24/7/365.
In this respect, I am extremely happy that it Dub to "listen on the side", which does not require full attention and does not throw me back and forth due to the effects. I think everyone has their albums there that spit them out completely after just one listening session - that's how intense the listening experience is.
In this sense: Bring on the high quality, but still suitable for easy listening Dubs. Alone for health reasons, disgraceful without :-)

Addendum for the sake of the truth: Every now and then I have to briefly hear different things ... Morrissey, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kanye, Max Richter etc.
Presumably serves to recalibrate the synapses responsible for acoustic processing :-)))
I am not alone in this, if I recall correctly from previous conversations.

"I'm not alone with that, if I remember earlier conversations."

You are all crazy ;-)

Yeah, just kidding! But I don't get that much music time by far.
In my youth I listened to a lot more music than I do today.
The work has worn me down over the years.
I get just under 8 hours of intensive music time per week if I skim it. I hear a lot at work Dub but unfortunately only by the way.

No wonder if it sometimes puts me in a bad mood and constantly longs for more free time. In my so-called free time, I don't listen to as much music as I actually could.
I also like the colorful pictures on the telly so much.

Well, it's good that you and you are here, because you're always looking for the good essences for me, so that I only have to take care of the essentials.

"And the struggle goes on" …………………… lemmi

So if there is nothing else, the long breaks are quickly resolved. There is a console tool called mp3splt for Linux. (Installed under Ubuntu with apt install mp3splt, should also be possible with Windoof with Ubuntu subsystem).
Just go to the folder with the mp3s and mp3splt -r. run and your problem is resolved.
You can increase the rating by 2 stars: D This album will never get its glory until the nerd tells this story;)
Other than that, I like that Dub The album and the original version with its probably boring lyrics are super memorable to sing along with;) and the riddims are nice too. Somehow both albums run up and down with me.

:-))) Nice try, duborigini.
Your suggestion will definitely work - if you have the mp3s of the album at hand ... and that is more of an exceptional situation these days. It would also be an impertinence if the artist let the listener iron out his mistakes. More stars for that? No way, Josè! However, I have the hope that Rapha Pico & The Noble Chanters will solve the misery one day. Hear me now, Rapha!
Other than that, I like that Dub-Album also very much, and the choruses from the vocal versions are indeed very simple and memorable - because you've heard them umpteen times elsewhere ... something of pawn rules :-) “If you don't stand for something you can fall for anything ”(Methodist Church 1926, says the
Between us: I also sing along :)


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