Ras Red I: Gweithredu Dub

Should someone tell me that you shouldn't be influenced by packaging. If there had been a comic (Wimmel) picture by Tony McDermott on the album, I would have noticed this oeuvre much earlier. Unfortunately, on the present album, only a "Monchhichi"-like being with very red eyes is emblazoned in front of a sound system. I was way too old for Monchhichis in the early 80s. Today I stumbled across this completely overlooked album again because of the Welsh word 'Gweithredu' (action). As you can easily see above, we are talking about Ras Red I: Gweithredu Dub. If the creature depicted is to stylize Ras Red I (read "Red Eye"), then he obviously consumed finest sativa landrace that gave his creativity a real kick-start. Russell Squire, that's the name of the multi-instrumentalist, producer and Dubmaster from Taunton, a town in the county of Somerset in south-west England. With "Gweithredu Dub“ he has put together a retrospective that can undoubtedly be seen as a homage to the heyday of reggae in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Ras Red I is no stranger to England and his Dub-Workshops are no longer a secret in the county of Somerset. He is also committed to the survival of the oldest language spoken on the island, Welsh (Cymru > English Wales).
The present album is a mixture of own compositions that were recorded almost alone and remixed and some Ras Red I favorites that were created with other artists in their own studio over the past four years. I really like "Swine", a reference to George Orwell's Animal Farm, by One Style MDV (MDV = Many Different Variations). One Style MDV is a band of African origins from London with over 30 years of British Reggae roots and always reminds me slightly of Misty in Roots. At least in terms of their output, they are very similar to Misty in Roots.

With his own Dub-Tracks and the Dub-Remixes by some guest artists, this album shows Ras Red I as a promising grassroots-Dub Artist. For the very relaxed mix, the master preferred to have a bit of an indica variation, because "Gweithredu Dub' instead of 'action' exudes a cosily warm laid back feeling. Exactly what makes a relaxed evening.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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The album would be even better if it didn't suffer from "scientist syndrome". The hi-hats sometimes have so much treble that my ears tremble painfully and the neighboring dogs howl (the latter is not true, but it is a good thing :-)

I am not aware of any “scientist syndrome”, what is that supposed to be? Scientists very own sound or what? Anyone who scrubs the system so that the neighboring dogs howl should urgently have their hearing tested.
To my ears, everything sounds the way it should be – just relaxed.

Scientist once had a unique sound, then he probably had a hearing impairment - since then his trebles have been over-the-top. This can be seen very well, for example, in the current re-release of “Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Parallel Universe”. His older mixes, on the other hand, sound great (for the time)!

Oh yeah !

At "Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Parallel Universe” you have to tweak the frequencies properly so that you don’t get “tinnitus”. If then ( every now and then ) my "favorite raschel" / tambourine without a head comes along, my feeling goes in the direction of "hyperacusis". However, once I've found a "sound compromise", things really get going. In my opinion, this power in the riddims doesn't exist anywhere anymore.
In any case – by the way – a very fine tip !!!

So long ………… .. lemmi

Tweaking the EQ or the bass and treble controls is of course a solution to compensate for certain individually perceived acoustic deficits. I haven't done that for a long time because it means that it's no longer possible to compare albums, artists, producers, studio and mastering engineers as objectively as possible, but also sometimes questionable label preferences. In addition, there are always contemporary efforts to create a hip sound. Just think of the sound of the 90's vs. the sound of the 70's. Or mastering vinyl vs. CD vs. stream.

And yes, this scientist-Dubs from the Culture album are an extreme example, especially the first two tracks. Also the difference in comparison to the vocal counterpart speaks volumes imo. I sometimes have the suspicion that this is not always intentional and that the original data medium (tapes, files) may have been damaged. Or the copy of the copy of the copy of the copy from obscure sources was used as republication. Everything has happened before.

Speaking of good sound: Ranking Joe's new single "Stop Putin" is a real hit. Listen loud and let the riddim massage your solar plexus… booom!

Yeah man !!!

STOP PUTIN!!! Reggae is also known for the fact that it can also spontaneously knock out real big tunes on current topics.
Ranking Joe is always very welcome. However, I have only really learned to appreciate him in the last 10-15 years. His older "stuff" probably hasn't been properly mastered yet. I always lacked the oomph. But his "Who you bad so" with Mungo's HiFi is top notch for me (Schagobers).
STOP PUTIN! actually has a lot of power as well and the riddim suits the general weather conditions at the moment.

Again because of the sound: “Scientist Dubs Culture Into A Parallel Universe” I even found at home on CD in my drawer. Of course I threw it in again and yes, the sound really sucked. To be honest, I haven't even managed to make the sound enjoyable with the equalizer.
That's probably why I almost completely repressed and forgot about the disc. At the time I thought "Scientist really doesn't feel like it anymore".

In the meantime, however, he has convinced me every now and then.

"Can't stop me from talking" …………………… lemmi

Please excuse me for asking again. You chose the word "presumptively" yourself, do you have evidence of this anywhere? I have now searched for hours in documentaries and interviews and found no clues for your statement. Where did you get this information from?

Yes, Steffen - I always welcome inquiries & dialogue & discussions!
You say it - conjectural means there is no evidence. The research doesn't go so far, thank goddess, that you want to have insight into scientists' medical diagnoses :-)

The basis for the assumption is that his early mixes, which are very well known and valued among us, are acoustically very balanced, despite the studio technology that was not so elaborate at the time, while his later mixes suffer from extremely loud trebles in the upper kHz range. In other words, the high tones, which can be painful if you have good hearing, and at the same time those high tones that are usually the first to be lost - with hearing impairments, but also in old age. I've had my own experience with it - thanks to a loud bang that briefly affected the midrange (speaking range). A treatment and multiple hearing tests later, everything works again, the hearing ability is even far above the average age in all frequencies... Hallelujah, thanks to the Doc!

"The ability to hear is even far above the average age in all frequencies..."

This is the basic requirement for everyone Dub Connoisseurs and possibly also Dub Connoisseurs (if such mythical creatures should exist).

(Yes, that's good.... I'm already gone, but I couldn't resist it....)

Oh, and I won't say anything about hearing or the "presumed hearing impairment" of the good "old" Mad Professor....... But I think that after each tour it was inevitable that my hearing would get worse. And then there's often someone missing like Chris Blackwell, who doesn't seem to have cared about the sound of a released disc at all.
"Who knows the true secret of a master tape?"

So long ……………… lemmi

"Monchhichi" ??? ….. I must ask you very much Ras Vorbei ;-)

How can you "confuse" my good old "Action Team Man" with his Monchichi? Back then, the Action Team man was the "male" masculine version or improvement of good old Ken. The Action Team man was my very special friend, with whom I "shot" and played many adventure films in my childhood room and far beyond. I had almost all the equipment for my hero with me, from the helicopter to diving equipment with a fat rubber dinghy to the police car including water cannon.
Later, I also borrowed my little sister's Barbie doll for "a few hours". Even an action team man needs something for his heart ;-)

The music on “Gweithredu Dub“ is also just right for my “Dubheart”. Which, whenever I write something like that, is primarily due to the bass melodies. I'd say the bass melodies are all borrowed from, or inspired by, "Flabba" Holt. I don't hear anything from the drum sound a la Style Scott, which is particularly noticeable in the "sound" of the snare drum. To me, it sounds more like an upside-down shoebox than a Style Scott snare drum. With effects on the snare time was also extremely saved. But I don't see that as a problem at all, since it can't take away from the charm of the riddims. Because the BassLines have an effect on me, like the entire blood circulation that I felt at the beginning of my "being" in the womb. After all, that was the reason why I wasn't in such a hurry to give birth myself.
At the time I didn't understand why I should leave this "comfortably warm place, including that laid-back feeling". I'm not exactly sure but it would suit me that I made a deal with JAH that as soon as I exit the birth canal the first reggae beat would be played here on earth. Otherwise I would have stayed where I was. In the womb !!! Well, very often I think the deal wasn't bad at all. (Sometimes I also think I don't have them all anymore..... but that's ok).
Overall, I get along very well with the sound, although I can understand gtk's objection with the "terrible" treble very well. But I think that this is particularly bad for headphones. I, too, listened to music on headphones on my mobile phone at the weekend and I have to say, you really have to want it or you have no other option. How can you all accept that? Or did you all connect a small portable equalizer between your cell phone and headphones?!

Well, if I can't adjust the sound myself, then tears come to my eyes......

The riddims by Misty In Roots should also be a thing Dubmake wizard. Misty In Roots RUUUUUUUUUULES !!! LIVE UP!!!

So long…………… lemmi

“The riddims of Misty In Roots should be a thing too Dubrun the wizard.”
Lemmy, a few Dubs can be found as single B-Sides and Extended Maxi Mixes on: Misty In Roots: Singles Collection 1978 – 1986. In principle you are right, a "real" Dub-Unfortunately, there is no album by Misty to this day.

Hehe, it's funny sometimes. This is about Ras Red I and we're talking about Misty In Roots. Sorry to Ras Red I
My brain prefers to be on the wrong path.
But I would like to add that I am with the Dubs from Misty In Roots even more "DubExperiments” would like to have. For example, I have a nice one on the maxi single of Poor and Needy DubVersion here but with a complete Dubalbum I would wish for a lot more analogue mixing desk arrangement.
To put it better, I would say the riddims need to be "shredded" a lot more for me before they really do DubTinsel appear together again in a completely new "SoundLight".

"Let's become Red Eyes" ………………… lemmi

I'm awfully sorry, lemmi, but the legendary "Action Team Man" completely swept past me and that's why my imagination only reached to the Monchhichis I vaguely knew. You see, from that point of view "Gweithredu" even makes sense now. Please excuse my ignorance, apparently I was already playing with other things that were more interesting to me. ;-)))
Many thanks for the correction!

Spot on, Lemmy!
That's a thing with the Mad Professor, though – most of the time he sounds lousy, but sometimes he's really, really good. I mean - and this is again a guess - that the Ariwa Studio isn't *cough* the very best. Add to that the massive output... there won't be much time left for quality. But does he mix in a decent studio for artists with a budget like Massive Attack (see the "No Protection" album or the Dubs as part of the new edition of the "Mezzanine" album as a deluxe version) then the sound is very, very nice.
Otherwise – as I said – the professor is not really my thing. Apart from the acoustic shortcomings, I would also like to shoot this notoriously annoying bongo freak on the various Mad Professor recordings through sun and moon - figuratively speaking.

“Other than that – as I said – the professor is not really my thing. Apart from the acoustic shortcomings, I would also like to shoot this notoriously annoying bongo freak on the various Mad Professor recordings through sun and moon – figuratively speaking.”

Hehe ( smile ) ….. I notice that I'm not the only one who has, more or less, very special sensitivities every now and then ;-)

Greetings ……………… .. lemmi

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