Ras Sparrow: Dub in Stone

In view of the currently meager supply of fresh Dub-Adventures are happy when a new, good album - or rather a 5 track EP - is released. Ras Sparrow, a Venezuelan who is not particularly well-known in this country, has dedicated himself to Roots Reggae as a singer/producer/engineer and brings with him "Dub in Stone“ (Ras Sparrow Records) his first full-fledged Dub-Release out. The promotion is done without further ado by an animated video for “Atlantis Rising Dub"

Multi-instrumentalist Ras Sparrow, torn between digital and analog sounds on previous releases, features "Dub in Stone” with fine, hand-made roots riddims, mostly recorded live by himself. The result can be heard: bass drum and rimshot harmonize perfectly in the mix and are the basis for four wonderfully dynamically mixed one drops - and a successful stepper for the friends of the 4-on-the-floor:

The classic arrangements of the 5 tracks are consistently successful: boredom or the in Dubs occasionally feared emptiness don't stand a chance here - the use of lead instruments like a (not annoying) melodica or a guitar makes sure of that. A solid one does the rest Dub-Mix – which isn't the greatest artistic hit, but also doesn't – as we've unfortunately heard more often lately – compulsively make you look like King Tubby or Scientist. The brevity of the release was also a surprisingly pleasant experience: Compared to the glutted sales monsters, which are equipped with sagging, slow-moving goods and a certain yawning factor, the "Dub in Stone" EP is refreshingly entertaining and makes you want more - just like in the good old vinyl days. So off to the playlist!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Very cool part but also no surprise!
Drums: Horseman (Jah Shaka; Mad Professor; Prince Fatty)
Keyboards: Roberto Sanchez (Lone Ark)
Mastering Engineer: Mike Caplan from Lion and Fox Recording Studios

"Nomen est omen", as the saying goes :-) However, my information about the musicians involved is completely different.


The album was mixed by Ras Sparrow. Ras also plays the guitars and bass on all tracks.

The Roberto Sánchez who participated in this production is a Venezuelan keyboardist also know as Redbuay and has no relation to Lone Ark's Roberto Sánchez.

Drums are in fact played Horseman.

Give thanks to Ras Sparrow for shedding light on the subject. I thought you played the drums on the EP too. I also want to give a shout out to Makeda for her melodica playing, if I am not mistaken.


Yeah man

Welcome to Echo Chamber !!! Steppers can be so beautiful when it comes across as an organic product rather than a chemical club in digital dictatorship format.
But I can already find the intro of the “Atlantis Rising Dub“ shows where the journey should go. Namely to lost, mystical - perhaps only existing in our imagination -
Places like Atlantis. However, one will probably search in vain for these places in the sea forever, because they are not on the seabed but circle in a secret orbit, together with our earth, around the good old sun. Only the first second alone with the galactic drum intro (DrumPattern?) opens all Stargates for me and clears the way
for an intergalactic sound experience. The "stoic One Drops" ( ;-) ) seem to me like thick posts made of mammoth tree trunks that form a foundation that doesn't give way even in the deepest quicksand a millimeter. The bass melodies …….. well, not every BassLine from Flabba Holt is beyond reproach and I don't want to complain about BassLines again. Especially since the bass line on "Giants Of Baalbek - DubAll my wishes fulfilled in this direction. I still can't explain it rationally. I don't know if there is a general recipe for this. Just like when you forget the yeast when making pizza dough, for example. Then it just won't work.
Otherwise I have to give the SoundEngineer a big compliment. The way he uses the effects here is PERFECT. I hear/feel Adrian Sherwood, Prince Fatty, a little bit of Mad Professor and also a little bit of Richie Phoe. Especially how he lets the riddim keyboard slide into the room I find just PERFECT (!). And the way he seasons the drum patterns, which occasionally loosen up and decorate the heavy one-drop foundation, with reverberation and echo, I can only burn it off or celebrate it on the highest flame. "Welcome To Echo Chamber!!!" So I did Dub rather !!! With a clear accent !!!
Yes, and then there are the natural products such as melodica, piano (probably electric, but electricity is also natural) and the spherical guitar, which also very gently lifts me onto my favorite cloud. Especially in steppers Dub For "Waves Over Yonaguni" she gets the Music Oscar (Grammy) from me for the best leading role.

Ok, then off to a PlayList with it or, if you like, on a nice (not overpriced) vinyl disc. It's crazy what they think of plastic these days. But that's a completely different topic...

How long ……………………. lemmi

Oh, I wanted to ask that.

Is Ras Sparrow actually a relative of Jack Sparrow?

You know, that pirate that the Hinglanese (?) almost caught ?!

Yes, yes, I'm going to the gate …………………….. lemmi

I couldn't say why a good drum & bassline makes my harmonic center vibrate, lemmi. Must be some sort of magic... but possibly also the combination of acoustic & tactile appeal - you have to be able to feel a perfect steamroller riddim in your gut. Or is it just me?


"It could also be that there were certain events in time and space at any time. So the big bang (if it really existed like that)
the meteorite impacts on earth and the 'Türannus Saurus Rex' each have their time. And maybe there were very specific gravitational waves at the time when the best BassLines were created, which were particularly noticed by the sensitive Africans and their migrants (and unfortunately also those who were abducted).
Someone then thought that I had to somehow put these divine waves that were reaching me on paper or on an instrument in order to make them accessible to all other sensitive and highly intelligent people as well. Maybe those waves will come back. They appear from time to time, but at the moment there are too many splashing around in the pond and the waves overlap too much, so that shallows and whirlpools are created too often, which drag you down rather than let you jump out of the water like a happy dolphin.” ( than like a happy dolphin ...... than how ? something is wrong here )

;-) ……. I'm probably not quite sober yet ;-) …………… lemmi

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