Ras Teo: Mystic Dub

We met Ras Teo last year with his album "Ras Teo Meets Lone Ark: Ten Thousand Lions". Especially the productions and Dub-Mixes by Roberto Sánchez left a lasting impression. Now Teodik Hartoonian aka Ras Teo (Swede of Armenian descent living in LA) is releasing a pure one Dub-Album: "Mystic Dub" (Teo). It's about the Dub-Version of his debut “Mystic Morning” from 2009, which therefore took eleven years to see the light of day. Produced by various producers, but above all by Rebel Steppa and Reuben Addis, it lags behind "Ten Thousand Lions" in terms of quality, but is still worth listening to. Digital rhythms in the UK steppers style of the milder variety determine the sound, which could easily have sprung from the 1990s. Hornsman Coyote's trombone can be heard on five tracks. Doesn't that sound particularly exciting? Right. "Mystic Dub“Is a completely unspectacular, slightly antiquated album, which nevertheless knows how to convince with its relaxed, warm vibe. Let it run in the background while working or reading and you will feel good.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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