Ray Darwin: "People's Choice"

Here we have a pure vocal album: “People's Choice” (Irievibrations) - so it doesn't really fit into this blog at all. But I just have to make an exception for this beautiful work. Occasionally they cross my path: albums that are completely supported by their wonderful songs. A Dub-Treatment would deprive her of most of her beauty. Ray Darwin's debut work is such an album. 15 great songs, brilliantly composed and fantastically produced. Let's be honest, the majority of the melodies that reggae has to offer (although only a fraction of all songs can rightly claim the term “melody”) are very simple. Not so with Ray Darwin's songs. They present wonderfully catchy and thoroughly complex melodies that are composed down to the last detail. It is beautiful, gentle songs that by no means only have love stories to offer, but also take a critical stance on the reality of our lives. In addition, they are - and it should be mentioned by the way - performed brilliantly by Mr. Darwin in a pleasantly voluminous voice. But the songs are only half the fun. The other half consists of the great productions. The rhythms are perfectly produced. Everything is right here: sound, timing, arrangement, groove. Instead of following a consistent arrangement pattern, each backing is based on an independent, adequately implemented idea. Some Studio One classics are reinterpreted and freshly voiced with a lot of love for the original, while other compositions are originals - with the potential to become classics. But what I am most excited about is that this beautiful album was produced in Germany, in Hamburg as a collaboration between Ray Darwin and Piet Abele. Since Jamaica has increasingly disappointed me in recent years, I am now also scooping for reggae (at Dub it goes without saying) with a view to Europe new hope.

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Thanks for the comment that gets to the point. The album is awesome and the result of a lot of hard work. I've known Ray Darwin for 9 years and know about his talent, his idealism and his unreserved love for music, especially reggae. He composes, he performs and produces, everything with heart, passion and expertise and a certain obsession. It is the total package that makes Ray Darwin an exceptional artist. I hope we will hear a lot more new songs. rosy

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