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Acts like Rebelution, Stick Figure, Tribal Seeds and whatever their names seem to have been designed on the drawing board: the music is a hybrid somewhere between reggae, rock and ballad, the lyrics without references to any dogmas, the target groups with college kids , Beach Bums, Surfer Dudes and Dopeheads clearly defined - brand white middle class with a penchant for beer and canabis; with the necessary change, but still open to social issues. The All American Boy with his All American Girl, so to speak, preferably residing in the Sunny States. You can make money with it - less with releases, more with tours, merchandise, beer and weed. Rebelution are leading the way and have brought your brand into the brewery and cannabis business and for their 2021 tour you can of course already buy the premium tickets including merchandise bundle - with Rebelution stainless steel water bottle, Rebelution guitar picks and lots of Rebelution -Things more - by cheap +/- 115 dollars. At gigs in California, Oregon, Colorado, etc., the range of merch will be expanded accordingly, no question about it.

Rebelution & Co. have apparently managed precisely where Jamaican acts failed miserably: To bring reggae back into the consciousness of a wealthy clientele. Well, from a puristic point of view it has its price - then there is no one drop, no Jah and no Rasta patois; and if you thoughtlessly called yourself “Soldiers of Jah Army”, you simply change your name to the more harmless “SOYA”. The Tingel stages still remain for the Jamaican grandfathers - or they can be taken on a big tour as a support act. Every nickle makes a muckle, Yardie!

Sarcasm aside - it's not quite like that. The bands mentioned were by no means created on the drawing board, but simply developed from their natural environment: college dude smokes weed, college dude listens to Marley, college dude strumming on guitar & the rest is band history. He has remained loyal to his first fan base, even if the next generation of spring breakers is already pawing at the starting blocks. The niche has become a more than acceptable market, because there are colleges across the country in the states. Good vibes, man!

Rebelution is in any case the Figurehead of the relevant Californian reggae bands and a very successful tour act - not so much in Europe for lack of ... nuja, colleges; But it's enough to support Groundation on stages at home, where they are really worth their money. Something like Roots Reggae, driven by dirty rock drums - that makes a difference and comes out of the speakers with a lot of power. Amazingly, Rebelution succeeds in this drive and the typical one Live sound reproduce in the studio and maintain on all of their albums. It looks fresh and at the same time heavyweight - an important antithesis to the often over-implicated texts ("Lazy afternoon“) And simple vocal lines.

Text & vocals should be "Dub Collection“Not be a problem. The album features a selection of tracks from all of the Rebelution albums that have been released to date - and some of them are 13 years under their belt. Nevertheless, everything fits together in terms of sound and looks like it is made of one piece. For the digital Dub-Mix is ​​responsible for a certain Kyle Ahern - tour guitarist for Rebelution. “Why him?” Asks the reviewer after the first listening session; why not Dubmatix, Prince Fatty, Roberto Sanchez, Paolo Baldini, why not anyone who understands his craft and Dub understands it as an exciting, thrilling journey filled with surprising effects into infinite sound widths? The album leaves me speechless - so boring, lifeless, fun and tensionless DubI haven't heard it in a long time. When a Dub-Mixer cannot, does not want or does not dare, then such arise Dubs. It can't be because of the selected tracks themselves - they would have always had the potential for something great, but it shouldn't be. Then rather the "Falling into place"-Pull album into the streaming pipeline ... Rebelution at their best, hands down.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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Hi gtkriz, I think the album is just as bad as you. Thanks for your review, it contains a lot of information that I wasn't aware of. I actually like the band, but this album got me - to !!! to your review - left speechless and confused.
Thank you runronnie

There was definitely potential for a really good one Dub-Album ... but it shouldn't be. Thanks for the feedback, Runnronnie!


Very amusing review ... and, it doesn't bother me at all, to listen to it ... I'm currently celebrating the album Principal - Treacherous Dub very!
Short, exciting and very interesting instrumentals peppered with heavy basslines, groovy breaks and the finest echo and delay ... the melodies also please! would be worth a review too!

woah ... the treacherous Dub makes a very good first impression. It is quite possible that one of the authors review it crashes. Thanks for the hint, Philipp!


Because of the summer slump ...
Principal's: Treacherous Dub also inspired me from the first note. I totally agree with you, Philipp. "The Northern Lights" have always been able to convince.

I'm running late again. I agree with the slavery.

Rebelution sound like a good imitation of in their best moments Dub Inc, to listen to the reggae and above all while driving with people Dub not partying quite suitable, individual tracks (comfort zone) with catchy tune potential. To be really reggae, real emotions are missing, the feelgood lyrics (and the singer) are more suitable for a cozy rock CD, but I can live with that if the rest is right.

But the Dub Collection doesn't tell anything new. "Attention Span Dub“As an intro gave hope. The rest of the time it seems to me that someone who has no idea had a thirty-minute training course on “what is Dub“And then mixed this record. Predictable and at most pseudo-psychedelic. Too bad.

Rebelution is sure to be a good live band, so let them succeed.

I can well imagine that Mr. Ahern sat at his notebook for a long time Dubs ... and unfortunately you can hear that too. Perhaps it would only have needed an analog mixing board and a motivation coach who constantly yells "NOW TRUST YOU FINALLY" and "UP WITH THE CONTROL UNIT TO THE STOP" :)))

High DubHeads!

I still have a lot to catch up with. Both in terms of all the new releases with the corresponding reviews, as well as the perception of Dub or music in general.
When I read the review of Rebellion here, I initially had a certain malicious glee and I just thought, sometimes a "slipping" is really good. Rebellion and Soja are bands that are on my index. I actually can't stand it at all. This aversion was intensified in me because these two of all people stayed for a while
- for my taste - have been hyped far too much. I could even explain it, but I think the explanation would shock you even more. In any case, I would definitely not count Stick Figure among the other “consorts”. I find them - in due course - fantastic.
I'm lying here on my bed with my laptop on my stomach. An intolerable condition for me. Do you try to put your keyboard on a medicine ball and then write a text in a relaxed manner ;-) ... .. so I'll make it short now.
After the "slap" and my bias, I have a terrible one DubRebellion awaits album. And as if my fate always tries to convince me otherwise, I find them Dubs really great. I'm sorry (not really why) but I had a very nice one on headphones DubFeeling. Maybe I am only too happy to be convinced by the sound of a disc and it convinces me here almost completely. But also everything else I'm in Dub guess, doesn’t miss out here.
Everyone could atmospherically Dubs from Christifari or partly from Black Roots. Or should I listen to the album more often?
It can also be me Dub like something too much and therefore have difficulty always looking for the fly in the ointment.
Anyway that Dub Contrary to my expectations, I really like the album by Rebellion.

Oh sorry, of course I meant rebelution …………… lemmi

hey lemmi,

Each review merely represents the subjective point of view of the reviewer - all the more important comments as yours with a different opinion!

The most important thing about a criticism - regardless of whether it is condemned or praised - is that the reader does not nod but question it and feel an interest in listening to the part and forming an opinion for himself.

What the rebelDubAs far as I'm concerned, I'm completely d'accord with you at times: The sound is good - crisp, clean and the drums have a good punch. But the Dub-Mix is ​​far too cautious for me, far too considered, not a bit spontaneous. I would have loved to stand next to Mr. Ahern while mixing and constantly yell at "NOW TRUST YOU DOCH FINALLY !!!!" :)

That is imo the danger with them Dub-Mixes that are created digitally on the notebook: You work for days on a track and think about this and that and then take a few steps back and try the same effect a little different and ... * snore *. Caution, thought, planning, weighing up, restraint, repeatability and perfection are the natural enemies of being successful Dub-Mixes, I mean ...

Welcome back!

Yes gtkriz!

Actually, I'm always complaining when he DubMix is ​​too cautious. That is also the form of the day again. It always depends on what I feel like. On the second run it was a little too good for me, the disc. Basically I like almost everything
what somehow after Dub sounds. But now that you have made it clear to me again that it is a “digital notebook Dub-Mix "(I forgot), I will never listen to the data again ;-)
I want to prevent that at all costs that one day I do this
I still accept cheap and massively restricted production methods.
What only makes me think a lot is the fact that I didn't even notice it myself. As I said, I was first of all from the sound and the overall impression
positively surprised. I hadn't even noticed the individual effects in detail. But I could also well imagine that the "ones and zeros" now also work better and can at least represent echo and reverb better.
The lack of spontaneity here, because spontaneity cannot be planned in advance on the notebook, is actually the exclusion criterion for this type of
Dub-Mix. Especially when I'm in the DubPut Wizzard inside.
I can't imagine this kind of programming by DubEffects can only be as fun as an analog mixer.
That seems just as cumbersome to me as our supply of process gases
here inne seams (at work). In the past, you just had to open the gas bottles and off you went. Today you have to write a small program first,
so that you can open the gas bottle in the first place. How good that you can still work around it manually ;-)
That is the most important thing! There must always be this switch where you can switch to analog. The moon landing would have pissed off if Mr. Armstrong hadn't switched to analog ......
Ok, the truth is, I have no idea how this goes with the programmed effects. Maybe I have a completely wrong idea, but I know how annoying it is when you want to put together analog sources in the form of mix tapes on your computer or notebook. Took a very great joy in life from me.

Before I start crying all over here, I'll say

bye first …………………. lemmi

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