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Resonators: The Constant, Dub Collection

Before I start writing this article and face the challenge of an initially shockingly empty document page, I should take a quick look at the Internet. A quick trip to the iTunes store, then a detour to Amazon and finally to my favorite site: And what do I meet there? An album that I, without hesitation, immediately became the hero of this edition of the Dub Evolution course: Resonators, "The Constant" (Wah Wah). What a find! In the strict sense it is a vocal album, but the instrumental passages are almost more extensive than the vocal part and the band delivers that too DubAlbum "Dub Collection ”to“ The Constant ”for free Download equal to. But vocals or not: the sound behind the vocals is clear Dub - without but with the classic UKDub to be. On the contrary: The music of the nine-piece band from Brighton and London is one hundred percent analogue and hand-played - which is actually not the right material for typical Dub-Sound is - but works absolutely perfectly here. The guys behind the two women at the front just play incredibly inspired music, full of energy and variety. Anyone expecting a typical festival live band a là Jamaram or Irie Révoltés is wrong. The Resonators are miles away from the simple song and music conception of such bands. Instead of shouting along, the trend here is more connoisseur-like leaning back and enjoying, and instead of a one-dimensional orientation towards the singing of the Rampensau, a song by the Resonators is an organic whole, in which song, music and Dub- Effects play equal roles, permeate each other and together result in fascinatingly complex and yet catchy pieces of music. The free one is also fascinating Dub-Version of the album, which only has five tracks. The band's unbelievably present live sound comes into its own here and contrasts excitingly with the typical studioDub-Effects, which sometimes removes me from the old one Dub Syndicate album "Pounding System" remembers. On the other hand, while listening to it, Prince Fatty comes to mind, whose playful, relaxed music, brimming with inventiveness and impetuous love of play, is inspired by the same spirit. Nice! So, now I have to click on “I like” at

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