Five Star Review

Restless Mashaits: Goulet Sessions 2003-20013


When researching some Dub-Acts I feel like an investigative journalist. Every bit of information I pull from the web is preceded by a tortuous click path over obscure pages. Some Dubheads seem to be such introverted nerds that something like self-marketing just doesn't occur to them. The Restless Mashaits this undoubtedly includes: website under construction, only photos are posted on Facebook and of course no artist info on Soundcloud. That much is clear: behind the restless Mashaits are bassist and percussionist Stuff and keyboardist Jill, two Dub-Addicts from Geneva who have been reggae and since the early 1990s Dub to produce. The first decade of their work is on the album Kingston Sessions 1992-2002 documented. Now place them with the Goulet Sessions 2003 - 2013 (Addis Records) testimony over the past decade. While they were finishing the Kingston Sessions (with pre-produced rhythms) in Jamaica, the Goulet Sessions hint at a secret location in Europe. According to information posted on Facebook, Dean Fraser, Jonah Dan, Stepper, Deadly Headly and Scully were involved. So much for the facts. Let's come to the tasting: The album begins with a grandiose instrumental, which, driven by wind instruments, opens the session with enormous dynamics. The next one Dub makes it clear that even after twenty years at the controls, the two Swiss have become anything but mild with age. They develop theirs in a determined, steady, powerful but not brutal manner or for a quick effect Dubs. Everything is well balanced, the basslines gentle but powerful, the arrangements reserved but inspired, the mix without smug effects, but very solid. Does that sound like a draw? By no means! The track Ghetto blues could be the acoustic definition of “uncompromising”: such a stoic bassline, such a consistently repetitive arrangement and such a soulful, classic one Dub-Mix have rarely come across me. In addition, fantastic brass sections and fine brass solos - everything fits here. And we're only at track 4! This is followed by 7 more tracks that are in no way inferior to the beginning. A superb one Dub-Album that already made me want to Sessions 2014-2024 awakens.
Rating 5 stars

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