Revolutionaries: Musical Dub Attack


And another reissue: "Musical Dub Attack“(DKR) of the Revolutionaries. To speak of a reissue here, however, is quite daring, because the original was only released in 1976 by Virgin Records as a white label with a minimal edition. But let's tell the story one after the other: “Musical Dub Attack "is actually that Dub-Version of I Roy's “Musical Shark Attack” from the same year - only that it was actually the other way around: That Dub-Album already existed when Virgin Records asked the Channel One studio for a new I Roy album. So I toasted Roy over that Dub-Material and both then went to England together: A DubAlbum and an I Roy album. The latter received official publication from Virgin, while the poor Dub- Counterpart was only brought out as an ugly test pressing with a white label. But the duckling turned into a swan, because crazy DubSince then, collectors have been fighting for the few copies and praising its quality and beauty in the highest tones. Deeper Knowledge Records from Brooklyn now acted as spoilsport and re-released the fabulous Dub-Album now nonchalant as an ordinary vinyl and CD edition. Well, that's how it works. Now it has to be seen whether those gathered here Dub-Attacks convince and survive without the status of the rare collector's item You can hear the classic, mid-70s Channel One sound with Sly Dunbar's virtuoso Rockers drum rolls - mastered directly by the original band - and many a riddim known from the Rocksteady era. The mix can best be described as "routine". My assessment: nice album. Cult? Rather not.

Rating 3 stars

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Oh yes, Channel One rockers style.
I discovered a white label specimen from a pretty bad pressing many years ago in a shop when people wanted to get rid of their LPs. What can you say. A fantastic classic, hand made qualityDubs without sci-fi gimmicks or other antics - a real treat even without smoke.

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