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To my delight there are currently fascinating ones Dub-Projects en masse. A few weeks ago I became aware of a side project by Polyrhythmics, an eight-member funk and world beat group from Seattle. The mastermind and keyboardist of the group Nathan Spicer has one together with bassist Jason Gray Dub-Album mixed and titled Rezin Tooth: "Rezin Tooth“(Wax Thematique) under the Dubheads brought. Originally they were, according to Mr. Spicer Dubs was created for the fun of joy and the album was never intended to be released. Fortunately, one has changed his mind and that Dub-Experiment now made available to a wider public. Who inspired the two gentlemen behind the mixer cannot be ignored. The usual suspects: King Tubby, Lee Perry, Scientist and the great sound engineers of the early Jamaican Dub, are undoubtedly the role models and delivered the dubbigen blueprints. The bass is throbbing, the drums provide a healthy heartbeat and sound bone dry in places, the organ delivers a warm, relaxed sound and the "blower" occasionally flashes echoing through the "Dub-Clouds ". Nathan Spicer and Jason Gray seem to have really enjoyed their project as they explore the potential of the with each title Dubbings all over again. That the musical templates of the Dubs originally supposed to have been tracks with funk and afro rhythms is hard to imagine with this end product. Vive la différence!

Side note: seven of the eight tracks are exactly 4:20 minutes long. Unfortunately, it has not yet been revealed to me whether this has a deeper meaning.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Once again you unearthed an interesting album, Ras Vorbei!
Has everything that was good & beautiful in the 70s, but at the same time it is somewhat experimental in terms of the use of the Dub-Techniques concerns.
(Side note: The hi-hat sometimes sounds like it was back in the Black Ark ... you have to be able to do that nowadays)

"Side note: The hi-hat sometimes sounds like it was back in the Black Ark ... you have to be able to do that nowadays."

Thank you gtkriz, now I feel confirmed. I thought I had something on my ears because I was reminded of the sound of the Black Ark at the end of the 70s. Nathan Spicer & Jason Gray have internalized their portions of Black Ark convincingly and put them into practice.

High Ras

Take out the colon and cross out the zero at the end, then you have the answer to all universal questions ;-) if you've hitchhiked through the galaxy as well.
With the best will in the world, I “unfortunately” can't find a single fly in the ointment. The bass lines come across as extremely relaxed without boring me. The drums are bone dry indeed, but play nice Dubwise. In other words, the drums are not knocked around like crazy, so that one or the other feels addressed and maybe shake off the dance floor. They don't remind me of funk and afrobeat at all. I find the style of play here to be pretty minimalistic, which I like with Dub like much. Assuming that Dubbing is then not just as minimalistic. But at least I imagine that you can hear the fun the two of them have DubHad apprentices at their "work". "At first it starts slowly, but then, but then." I mean, there is an increase that can be heard in everyone Dub continues slowly and unobtrusively. Makes a very pleasant "tinkling" in the pear.
Not consistently, but I mainly hear Victor Rice again and to be honest I have to go back a little
Detention to find a connection to the "Black Ark". If you both mean that, it really can't be wrong.
Anyway, you know now that everyone is me anyway Dub like. I like Rezin Tooth a lot. The next increase would be "fantastic" but I'll keep this superlative a little. In one or the other conspiratorial meeting I had already voiced my suspicion that that DubMusic is primarily for the musicians themselves. Only musicians (and of course the infected among us) are interested in playing around with music and letting it run over the edge of Tellar. The normal may be enough for everyday life, but if you want to go beyond normal music, then you can only really DubMusic will be your first choice. And when these two gentlemen actually play in a funk and afrobeat band and have fun Dubalbum, I feel that my thesis has been confirmed, even if that is by no means proof of my thesis.

Greetings …… .. lemmi

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