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Richie Phoe: Kingston Connection in Dub

It always amazes me how different those of Dub-Productions can be evoked moods. The spectrum ranges from mystical-spiritual, dark and heavy to highly energetic and powerful, to laid back, chilled and relaxed to uptempo, happy-lively, bright and open. In between there are innumerable shades - and right in the middle lies the great field of boredom. Richie Phoes "Kingston Connection in Dub“Fortunately, (Kingstone Express) clearly belongs to the category: uptempo, happy, lively - no trace of boredom. On the contrary: the EP with its six tracks is much, much too short. I can't get enough of the pulsating, rich and exuberantly arranged old-school rhythms, the great organ chords, the incredibly tight groove and, last but not least, the inspired mixing by Richie Phoe. Incidentally, the tracks were produced by Sticky Joe from Birmingham. They appeared as vocal versions on the EP "Kingston Connection" last year, with Horseman, Johnny Clarke, Horace Andy, Earl 16, and Macka B. The "Kingston Connection" became the "Birmingham (Sticky Joe) Brighton" (Richie Phoe) Connection ". A bit of Toronto is also included, because the mastering was done by the one and only Dubmatix. It also sounds a lot like Prince Fatty, who is known to live and work in Brighton. Is it possible that a groundbreaking BrightonDub-Style? Regardless, what matters is what comes out at the back (with the speakers). And that's so good that I've probably heard those meager six tunes twenty times by now. Soon I really need new material ...

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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I've already asked myself that question, especially since the new Hollie Cook album is NOT from him.


Yes, and amazingly, Ms. Cook made it sound like Prince Fatty made it. Anyway ... no new Prince Fatty release since 2015.

Prince Fatty aka Richie Phoe!?!

Never mind my dear ones Dub Friends. With this disc (download EP) I gasp with enthusiasm. I had already thanked gtkriz a few weeks ago for creating this ingenious Dubs by Richie Phoe in his Deep In Dub Uploaded playlist. Super monkey tits hammer horny this disc. Five star delux meets high grade Dub in perfection. It makes me really nervous that you can only get this online, because what happens if the network is completely hacked or the store stops streaming for some other reason. What happens when the electricity no longer comes from the socket?
Well, I have to live with this uncertainty.
At least it seems Dubs for which there is no reaction but limitless enthusiasm. I stream the Dubs now also in a continuous loop.

Until ………… .. lemmi

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