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Riddim Research Lab: Research Program # 1

I love these weird ones Dub-Productions by genre outsiders. Be it with the Dub- and reggae conventions are not familiar, be it that they deliberately ignore them or that they just stay true to their own conventions, the result of their eclecticism is precise and for that very reason very often fascinating. Here we have another case: Riddim Research Lab, "Research Lab # 1" (Gamm). The Research Lab is the project of the two Londoners Gordon Brown Jr. and DJ Neeet, which would probably never have reached the threshold of the underground, had it not been for the hip Russian house DJ Lay-Far one day browsing the Reckless Record Store in London Dub-Section met a guy who was also there after black Dub- Looking for pearls. Two guys in the otherwise rather orphaned corner of the record shop? This leads to a conversation and finally the Brit gave the Russian a CD-ROM with the words: “Some dub-influenced beats I'm working on with my friend. If you like King Tubby and house - you may enjoy it ”. It wasn't until a year later that the long-forgotten CD accidentally tumbled out of Lay-Far's record case and turned out to be a real treasure when listening to it. Slant Dub-Sounds, tricky and yet incredibly groovy, with rough edges and yet absolutely round. Whoever wants to hear can hear, whoever prefers to dance, dance - both work equally well. Some rhythms are sometimes slightly funky, but thanks to reverb and echo they always stay Dub-compatible. If the ears of the steppers bass are stuck together, it helps to let the Research Lab blow them free.

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