Roots Makers: In Dub

Sometimes you just get stuck, and in the end you have to accept that. There is this new one Dub-Album (actually there are two albums) about which at the time of this review there is almost nothing or very little information to be found. Even though the band / the musicians / the producer conglomerate have their own Website, a Facebook-Page, one InstagramAccount and a YouTube-Canal operates; the gentlemen may not respond to inquiries either. So much of what you read here is pure conjecture.

... and so there were once three people, presumably from a francophone country, who banded together around a classic style Dub- Record album. Not particularly resourceful "Roots Makers in Dub"Named, it is the counterpart to an instrumental release, which is - no na - simple"Roots Makers“Titled. Both appeared on the same day, and the artists call themselves ... * yawn * ... Roots Makers.

One should not be fooled by this lack of imagination; the name says it all: this is one of the best rootsDub-Albums of the young year before; the accompanying instrumental album also gives rise to great joy. The riddims are catchy, instrumented in a classic style and superbly mixed; even the reviewer finds little to complain about. Well, maybe the drummer could have held back a little with the fills and there is a suspicion that there were no brass bands live in the studio - but that's about it. 

Zum Dub-Mix unfortunately (or thank God?) There isn't much to say: Classic effects, well placed; not too dominant, but also not below the threshold of perception. In short: it all fits together well and adds up to a fine one Dub-Album that people are very happy to recommend - especially in combination with the instrumentals.

Incidentally, the three Roots Makers are bidding on your Website the individual tracks as exercise tracks - sometimes without drums, sometimes without bass, guitar, etc. For (budding) reggae musicians in lockdown, one might think.

Ultimately, it is to be hoped that the quality of the music will convince the listeners, because promotion is apparently not a strength of the Roots Makers. With this in mind, my unreserved recommendation: Listen and enjoy. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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The music and the Dub Mix are so solid and calm and neat that I dare to say that the band comes from Germany. Everything is in order here and there is no kind of spinning around here. But now I grew up in these solid and orderly circumstances and don't need the chaos of the narrow and overcrowded streets of New Delhi all the time. In this respect, I cannot avoid finding one or the other riddim to be quite charming, and that too Dub Mixing creates a certain "hypothalamus flicker" here and there, albeit the very large one DubEcstasy falls by the wayside. Well, you don't get big wafers delivered every day for surfing. Sometimes you just have to be content with a solid swell and that can also be quite nice.
If it were always "extraordenary" or extraordinary, then that would be the habit again and one would be most happy about the very ordinary.

Well, the main thing is that we still have a reason to be happy …………………………… lemmi (no, I'm not sad but for me it is / was Monday today)

I am completely with you, lemmi. When I am constantly the greatest Dub-Mixes, I would very likely be out of my mind in no time. Such Dub-Mixes are a continuous up and down, the blood pressure rises, the heart is racing, the psyche loses the upper hand, permanent state of shock. Mixes like that challenge me, I breathe with them, I live with them ... it has a bit of high-performance sport, because it is also a physical experience - quite apart from the bass massage. In this respect, such mixes are intense adventures and have nothing to do with relaxation ... you need something more dignified.

What I particularly appreciate about the two Roots Makers evenings is the beautiful, balanced sound. The three root makers did it really well.



The perfect rhythm to heal battered souls or just not to let them get sick in the first place.
Should be prescribed as therapy for all lateral thinkers (misguided muddleheads).
And it should be played to all narrow-minded political tricks over all loudspeakers in the Bundestag so that they finally learn to think like people and not like the “on / off executors” of financial fascism. They think “digitally” but life is analog. (which is not to say that analog cheese could have any right to exist).

"Come we go burn down babylon one more time" ………………… lemmi

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