Roots of Creation: Dub Free or Die, Vol. 1

Some albums vehemently evade categorization, evade clear positioning in the musical universe: for example, when a conglomerate of different musical genres and varieties refuses to be clearly assigned. A current example of this could be "Dub Free or Die, Vol. 1"(Bombshelter Records) by Roots of Creation. The band from New Hampshire was probably a well-booked live act pre-Corona, which, thanks to its reggae-rock-jam hybrids, is ideal for festivals with the primary target group campus young people. In this respect, she hardly differs from her successful reggae rock colleagues from the west coast - Slightly Stupid, Iya Terra, Rebelution & Co. But whether they are so close to their audience that they have the mitgröhl bass line in their program, I dare to doubt:

A reggae steam hammer version of “Seven Nation Army” works best live, of course; for us, however, more interesting in a direct comparison are those on "Dub Free or Die, Vol. 1 ”included Dub-Version with distinctive melodica insert:

The White Stripes title is certainly the most eye-catching track on the album - but it is by no means representative of the rest of the titles, whose arrangements are a tad more elaborate. So if you are a fan of bombastic, breakneck brass sections, sprawling guitar solos and sometimes rocking drum patterns, you will enjoy the album produced by Roots of Creation itself - but it will possibly be more as an instrumental work than as Dub-Estimate release.

Yes, it has something of art rock, of big bands, of theatrical rock overtures á la Jim Steinman - but remains rhythmically and technically in terms of production mostly in reggae or Dub rooted. This mix is ​​what makes it; she lets "Dub Free or Die, Vol. 1 “sound refreshingly different. The “extraordinary” drawer would certainly be suitable for this ... the inclined listener may decide.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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Hehe, "THE MITGRÖL BASSLINE par excellence"!

I would DubRecommend version that you recommended a long time ago at the "Mad Professor meets Gaudi". The fun has a really cool one Dub out of it
I couldn't help but make a short comment about this Roots Of Creation album. But so far not the slightest has changed in my perception of this album. I just feel too "rocky" to notice it. If it works again somewhere, I don't have to run away, but otherwise “the next one please”.
If “Babylon By Bus” should have been an “ingratiation” to the rock audience, then this is the transition to freely chosen serfdom.

I don't put it in any drawer. I pour it into the sea. Maybe fish can do more with it ……………… .. lemmi


Small but important correction:

The Mad Professor meets Gaudi recommended René!

I already have it in the “Deep In Dub-Playlist ”and that's why the first recommendation comes from you gtkriz.

Political correctness is anathema to me, but otherwise everything should stay as correct as possible ;-)

"Everything is cool and right!
Lets have a good time “………………. …… .lemmi

oi ... lemmi doesn't like the "rocking" :-)

Regardless of whether René's or my recommendation ... comes from her dubblog family!


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