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I've said it so often: “Instrumental reggae is a gigantic, supranational, omnipresent over-hype!” Honestly! Here we have another perfect example of that: "Stricktly Recreational" from the Roots Organization. And again, this wind-driven, brilliant work comes from the Alps - like the last "Winds of Matterhorn". But unlike the winds, the root organization is located more in the sound spectrum of jazz - whatever sounds a bit like Ska, although the EP is free of corresponding rhythms. As a producer, aDUBta responsible. He recorded the nine-member band live in the stress studio in Graz - which helps to explain the sound. Since I play brass in reggae and especially in Dub I like the EP very much and can also do a lot with their solos. The sound is airy, the arrangements extremely varied and the tempo lively. The mix even conveys a little discreetly from time to time Dub-Appeal. Nice.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Fine album with beautiful brass sections, if you could have made the mix a little more differentiated (not all instruments have to have the same volume) and bass-heavy (kick drum) - because of the stress studio (brilliant attempt at explanation, René).

I am glad that our music has returned to craftsmanship in recent years - that's my impression. More of it, pa-lease !!!

Thank you for the nice review!!! Little info: In July 2022 we will release our first album "A Tale Of Skanking Horns" (also vinyl!!!) There are already a few singles online so have a listen!!! Greetz outa Graz!!! Root's organization

Hello EveryOne!

I remember (ok, I have to admit that I read it again) that the "Winds Of Matterhorn" did not cast a spell over me because of the many fans. And when I read this review here, I thought I could save myself a "listen", as it is announced here again that a good fan. But then I'm not always so confused and so I treated myself to the EP - in parts. I don't know if the blower won't get too much for me in the long run, but my overall impression of this EP is rather relaxed. Ok, with “Fuen Fare” there is already a mighty “marching band” but so far I have the impression that I like the melodies as a whole as well as in the solos. And the rhythm carpet is - for my taste - quite artfully and above all "groovy" woven. However, from about the middle of the tune, the saxophone is already at my pain limit again. All other winds play in "my frequency range" and let me endure this tune quite well.
Really cool DubI get that feeling with “Wicked Dub“(Where else ;-)) Here the wind instruments appear rather as small snippets and the Ryhthmus carpet has, from my point of view, a maximum of magic, as the instruments and their players have achieved it, a genuinely mystical unity To create sound and rhythmic atmosphere.
Perhaps you will understand me better if I try to describe it very concretely - to the second. In the “Wicked Dub“From minute 2:36 a change of tuning happens, which for me, as so often in the Dubthat really brings magic to a boil. Then the "squeaking" of the saxophone comes to an end and makes room for space and time, so that the already ingenious BassLine can concentrate even more on the essentials. For this purpose, almost mystical piano snippets are played and with very spherical guitar chords, on the upper edge of the "Dubmosphere "for a truly mind-expanding listening experience with a" subtle "but very substantial"DubAppeal "increased.
In “Strictly Recreational”, the flute in particular shows once again how great it goes with our favorite music. Flute players have also managed to annoy me a lot, but luckily that rarely happens and it suits me very well here. The other instruments - such as trumpet and trombone (?) - are also allowed to play sovereign and skilful solos, which are not disturbed by a hyperactive soloist who absolutely wants to prove his virtuosity. The BassLine also grooves excellently here and thus creates the foundation for good music or music. Dubfeeling
The trumpet just appeals to me more than the saxophone and with "gtown choon" it occasionally creates images in my head that also remind me a lot of Clint Eastwood riding into his next adventure with a poncho and glowing stick in the corner of his mouth.
All in all, the solos on this EP don't come across as overloaded or over-ambitious and that in connection with the sometimes even magical riddims tempts me to say, I like the EP ;-)!

Otherwise I'll say “Sembela Eno” without knowing what that means. But René, you probably know exactly what I mean. Anyway, I'm in love with the tune and the leading actress ;-) …… .. Shoo bee doo bee doo….

How long …………………. lemmi

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