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Roots Tribe Showcase Vol. 2

I am always excited about wherever, around the globe, it is great Dub is produced. It is only noticeable that Jamaica hardly plays a role, while Europe is disproportionately represented: England (of course), France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Poland - there are everywhere Dubheads who hold high the flag of instrumental roots music. And of course - after the Twilight Circus was quiet - now the Netherlands again! Tim Baumgarten is the bustling one here Dub-Producer of the hour, better known as Slimmah Sound - or better known by the name of his label: Roots Tribe. In 2009 he drew attention to himself with his “Roots Tribe Showcase Vol. 1 - Love Jah More”. Then there were isolated 10 "and 12" until now - up to: "Roots Tribe Showcase Vol. 2" (Roots tribe). Baumgarten again presents a showcase album that will cause a sensation. The vocalists are: Fitta Warri, Jah Melodie, Lyrical Benjie, Teddy Dan, Zed I and Kyle Sicarius. They all offer good, inspired songs, but the real highlight of the album are - how could it be otherwise - the Dubs. Obviously Baumgarten not only knows where things are going as a graphic designer (his cover for Vol. 2 is great!), But also as a producer and musician. Together with guitarist Robby Sens, he recorded all-round successful rhythms for the showcase. Deep, deep, deep, melodious, hypnotic and with a tiny but crucial trace of live sound. Instead of monotonous steppers, rather filigree, completely arranged tracks have emerged here, which one also likes to listen to consciously as one would like to experience them loudly and "physically" in the sound system (if there was the opportunity!).

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