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Rootz Lions (feat. Hornsman Coyote & King Cooper): Dub Meets horns

This album, which was released in 2017, has to come from the reggae /Dubworld have been completely slept through, because this is the only way I can explain to myself that this excellent work has not yet been mentioned on any of the relevant pages.

"Dub Meets horns“(Digital album bandcamp) is by no means a real one Dub-Album, more like extended discomix tribute versions with the finest brass lines and deepest roots rhythms. It is a deep bow to the old masters Rico Rodriguez, The Skatalites, Cedric "Im" Brooks & The Light Of Saba, Tommy McCook & Sound Dimension and Studio 1. We are by no means hearing old classics without inspiration, but the ingenious implementation of well-known ones Riddims in the "Jazzy Side Of Reggae."

The Rootz Lions from Rotterdam were founded in 2016 by bassist Carlos Silva aka Rootz Lion. For the project "Dub Meets Horns ”, the only four-man Roots Reggae Band, consisting of drums, bass, guitar and keyboards, nor the accomplished jazz saxophonist King Cooper (aka Jan“ King ”Kooper in the jazz world) from Amsterdam, as well as one of the leading trombonists in of the current reggae scene Hornsman Coyote.

The length of the six tracks is between six and eight minutes. The Rootz Lions roll out their fantastic roots reggae carpet, on which the guest interpreters can let off steam and impressively set their accents. I also have to especially mention the keyboard / piano, which sounds so beautifully weird in places, like a slightly out of tune bar piano. For this album, true virtuosos have come together and delivered a consistently convincing, unusual work.

Even if it's not 100% DubProduct is, as the title suggests, it still has to be mentioned in this blog because "Dub Meets Horns "is amazingly good, not a minute too long and proves once again that jazz and (instrumental) reggae /Dub still maintain a close relationship. Maybe this is the starting point to reggae /Dub to make jazz known to a wider audience via the track. Current examples are the albums by Nat Birchall (“Sounds Almighty”) and Vin Gordon (“African Shores”) in collaboration with Al Breadwinner, which are also highly praised in jazz circles. Murderer ...

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Do I actually have to see a psycho doctor? Where does the urge to want to comment on everything come from?
Oh whatever …. it's fun so it can't be that bad.
I hadn't heard a note from the disc (?), Then I basically already knew what I wanted to write about it. “The old classics have been rehashed again. Can't the musicians think of anything of their own these days? ”“ Africa Revisited ”sounds to me like a slightly modified original by Rico himself. I was inclined to ask whether old“ bunnies ”like us still have something like that today need. Ras Vorbei says not wrongly, "I'd rather hear the original right away." But I can't get out of my skin. When I hear these riddims I'm in nirvana. Yes; and this piano is really the “insider tip” here on the album. Especially with “Plague of Horns” (in Dub ) I was flashed by the magic of this piano. The piano is the real one here Dub ! But no matter whenever this piano sounds, I am convinced. And if someone asked me if I still needed these old refreshed things I would answer:

Yes ! I need this !!! ………………………. lemmi


if someone is interested in who the originals are from:

1. Dubwise Rebirth 08:09 am
2. Conquering Lion Blast 07:49 (Yabby You)
3. Africa Revisited 05:43 (Rico Rodriguez)
4. Horns Of Zion Gate 08:10 (Horace Andy *)
5. Plague Of Horns In Dub 08:21 (Tommy McCook / Yabby You)
6. Rockfort Dubrock 06:11 (The Skatalites)

* Riddim to: Ain't Got No Love

At "Dubwise Rebirth “I'm not 100% sure, maybe someone of you knows.

Stay tuned ...

It's a shame, lemmi but maybe we'll find the solution by chance

By the way:
Adrian M. Sherwood sympathized with you! I just found this info and on December 06.12th. in time for Nikolaus it’s so far.

The information:
A dub companion to the critically-acclaimed Rainford album that sees the Upsetter and co-producer Adrian Sherwood radically re-version the original tapes with a host of guest musicians including Brian Eno and Vin Gordon.

If Rainford is 2019's Roast Fish, Collie Weed & Corn Bread then Heavy Rain is it's Super Ape

Yeah man !!!

Very good news for the weekend !!! Hopefully not just streaming or downloading. I'm already gone ……

Have a nice Weekend ………………. lemmi

Many Thanks ! Maybe you can also listen to “Wood, winds & roots”. No Dub but was also produced in EarthWorksStudio.
Kind regards, Jan (King) Kooper

Well finally someone here shows me enough respect. At my age I want to be "Siezt" !!!

No! Just kidding ......

I like “Wood Winds and Roots” too! But at the moment I'm missing that Dub-Variant. There is just too much good music around for my taste. I have to cut corners, otherwise my hat will fill up again.

This "little" piano at "Dub meets Horns ”is that certain something for me, too, with which the record is awarded
"Particularly valuable" received from me.

Greetings …………… .. lemmi

Yes lemmi,

I have to agree with you, right now there is an immense amount of good roots music to be had, that an old hand like me really gets the heart out.

"Wood Winds and Roots" by King Cooper also runs relatively often with me, the sax is not as sweet as with Glen DaCosta & The Wailers or Dean Fraser etc.

The Earth Works Studio in Amsterdam publishes (e) loads of really good roots and Dubs - e.g. Jah Rej, Roots Unity, Jan Cooper, Rootz Lions & & &

And for me the penny only fell when it was too late again.
Didn't even check the thing that Mr. Cooper himself posted here.

So once again a warm welcome, Mr. Cooper. Just ask ……. no, I allow myself to say YOU
ask Umberto Echo or Aldubb or also at DubVisionists, whether there is anything in the matter Dub to be done.
There is actually one too Dub Wizzard in the Netherlands? ………………………… lemmi

For me it is clear that the best come together in earthworkstudio .. Ras P, Rej Forte, Ben King, Uta Marwuyana ...

Greetings Carlos,

with such a wonderful album, I had no choice but to write a very good review. It was, no it still is, a pure pleasure for me ;-)

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