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Rut's DC: Rhythm Collision Vol. 2

Rut's DC

1982 met the British ex-punk band Rut's DC the crazy professor in his Ariwa studio for the first time and there recorded the album “Rhythm Collision Vol. 1”, which has been mixed up and down there since the label Echo Beach was founded. Now, 31 years after this work, the remaining Ruts men have knocked on Mad Professor again for a new one Dub- Produce album. Prof. Neil Fraser should have been very happy about this (as was Echo Beach), because even after more than three decades, the legendary name of the Ruts should still be able to mobilize a group of buyers beyond the regular reggae audience. The professor was probably less pleased that his very own profession, namely the mix of the album, was not in demand at all. Prince Fatty was supposed to do this job. Now lies the promising work, "Rhythm Collision Vol. 2“(Echo Beach), finally before - and it didn't go bad at all. Okay, enthusiasm sounds different. Ultimately, it's a matter of taste. It feels more like an instrumental album to me. It's nowhere near as deep as I think modern Dub-Album, on the other hand, it's not as playful as I think Prince Fatty can be. Instead of pure rhythm & sound, the Ruts DCs rely on classic song structures and authentic band sound. And you can't complain: the songs are mostly really good and the guest vocalists (Tenor Fly, Molara, Aynzli Jones and others) are very good across the board. Of course there are good ones too Dubs. The track "Sun and Stars" is such a case. Wonderfully deconstructed, detoxified and puristically mixed by Prince Fatty. Also a great old schoolDubwhich sounds as if Scientist had been sitting in the studio with Augustus Pablo, is the track "Heavyweight Style". I would have wished for more of that.

My verdict: 31 years later - here it is: the new album from ex-punk-band Ruts DC. More instrumental than pure dub. But the songs are nice.
my rating: 6 (out of 10)
Check it out: Juno

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