SAAND: In Dub Flight. 3

Michael Sandler is a Los Angeles-based house producer who occasionally Dub-Albums released. just now isIn Dub Flight. 3' (Tierra Sounds) was released. I usually find the productions of musicians from other genres quite exciting, as they often break out of the well-known canon (thanks to ignorance) and consequently often produce unconventional music. This could also be the case with SAAND, although his Dubs are not really original. But they are fluffy and put you in a good mood. Five tracks on one EP for quick consumption in between, a snack for the little ones Dub-Hunger.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

One Response to “SAAND: In Dub Vol. 3 "

Oh, such a snack for in between is always very welcome.
And such a soulful trumpet makes me a bit "horny" every now and then. I usually ( almost always ) find it much better than when they are so "hardcore"
comes off and "soils" and soils the whole tune. Here she plays skillfully, discreetly and not too jazzy, but rather beautifully melodic and thus becomes one dubbig APPEARANCE !
All in all I don't find the EP really original and the DubIn my opinion, the atmosphere is not quite achieved. There aren't enough floating particles in the air space so that it looks more like a riddim to me, but riddims can also be very fluffy and it's always enough for in between. It would be like a revelation on the radio, but you always have to be careful, because too many snacks in between make you fat ;-)

So long …………………… lemmi

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