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Salmonella Dub: For The Love Of It

New Zealand has been on the reggae world map at least since the great success of Fat Freddy's Drop. But who would have thought that Fat Freddy's Drop, Trinity Roots, The Black Seeds and all the other reggae-inspired bands on the island have a common ancestor: Salmonella Dub. Founded in Christchurch in 1992, the now five-piece band paved the way for reggae from Kiwi country. Despite their name (which they got because of their weird “Bad Taste” covers), Salmonella is Dub none Dub-Tape. The opposite is true: most of their pieces include vocals. But not only that: Salmonella Dub actually isn't even a real reggae band. iTunes lists them under the label "Alternative" - ​​which already shows that the music is not quite easy to grasp stylistically. If you listen to her oeuvre, you also know why reggae fans haven't had her on their radar so far. Our man in Hamburg, however, the label boss of Echo Beach, had of course long since noticed that among the proud 22 albums / EPs in the discography, one or the other reggaeDub kept hidden and that widely appreciated remixers like Groove Corporation, Dreadzone or Adrian Sherwood simply turned some songs into reggaeDub had converted. As with the truffle harvest, he picked out these highly aromatic tracks and compiled them - the target group more incorruptible Dubheads in mind - to a real, real one Dub-Album: "For The Love Of It (Echo Beach). You won't find hardcore steppers here. The spectrum is more in the range between songs that tend to be poppy, very rootsy numbers and wonderfully hypnotic, artfully played and mixed Dubs. Occasionally a little ambient comes in and in one case there is even a cool mix of drum & bass and Dubstep. All very nice. For us friends of Dub it is undoubtedly a “Best Of Salmonella” Dub"-Album.

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