Satori vs. Dr. Echo: Dub Defender sessions

Satori, a Japanese Buddhist term for knowledge, awakening and understanding, is derived from the Japanese verb satoru. The main motive of Zen Buddhism is the knowledge of the universal nature of existence. It can only be understood through personal experience.
Aha, so that's one way. We are approaching this realization more on the musical track, because it was a few days ago Satori vs. Dr. Echo: "Dub Defender sessions“(Anicca Records) out. Satori is the alter ego of Steven Jess Borth II and Dr. Echo by Justin De Hart. The two Californians from Sacramento, Borth and De Hart, have known each other for a number of years and have worked together for a long time. Satori currently lives in Denmark and as a saxophonist belongs to the direct environment of the Guiding Star Orchestra or works on some projects with the jazz duo Bremer & McCoy, while the sound engineer Dr. Echo has now set up shop in New Zealand. Despite the spatial distance, the two protagonists finally succeeded in sharing the fruits of their collaboration between 2007 and 2009 in the form of “Dub Defender Sessions ”. The collection contains recordings that have never seen the light of day. About half of the tracks have vocals and - despite the sweetish voice reminiscent of Ali Campbell (UB40) - spread a somewhat dark mood. Nevertheless, the interacts dubgood music excellent with the lyrics. The rest of the album are very nice, chill-dubbig instrumentals. We don't actually get anything spectacular here, but the high quality of the album lies in the Dubs that Dr. Echo and Satori produced together. Dr. Echo uses its decades of mixing experience and draws on the possibilities of technology. In doing so, he overloads them Dubs not with a flood of effects, but creates in his Dubs space for quiet and ambient sounds. "Dub to Nowhere ”is, in my opinion, an excellent example of this. Another highlight and at the same time the final point of the album is with its Rasta drumming and its relaxed atmosphere "Dub Decision ".

Conclusion: If you give the album time, it inspires with its soulfully played roots reggae, buttery soft keyboard and saxophone passages and its partly rooted in the ambient Dubs. A very beautiful, unobtrusive work that unfairly gathered dust on some shelves for many years.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

One reply to "Satori vs. Dr. Echo: Dub Defender Sessions "

As a matter of fact ! A very nice album!

Only the keyboard on “Little Do They Know Dub“Goes past my taste. That sounds too much like an "instrument" from the chewing gum machine.
The beginning is also a little blatant, because it starts right away without an intro with the bassline. But like all the other bass lines here, it's very good for my taste.
The singing is also nice and relaxed and not a bit unobtrusive. But best remains Dub just without singing! And if you're singing, please do it again and again
Let it fade away with reverb and echo, which is not necessarily the number one stylistic device here. All in all, I get “a little too little” doctored on the vocals.
The pure ones Dubversions have everything mine DubHeart desires. Very powerful bass lines, which you can clearly see "the soulful played roots origin" in interaction with the drums
notes. The basslines and the riddims alone make the sun rise in my mind. The keyboard passages are great on all the other pieces (except no.1)
beautifully dreamy and carry me very gently into the "realm of the senses" or into the realm where the Zen Budhists would also like to come. Without Dub Music will make it difficult for the Zen monks, but what the heck, they have all day.
So, for me a really great album with no starting points to complain about and my highlights here are also "Dub To Nowhere "and"Dub Decision ". Especially with "Dub To Nowhere "
I have the feeling that The Mighty Flabba Holt is standing here live and directly in my room and that the bass, with all fingers and thumbs, is vibrating and me
"Universal beings of existence" once again come very close. "Intimate Dubolution “is just great!

So, actually I just wanted to write about two words so that it doesn't hurt so much again when some “on / off provider” swallows my laboriously scraped together words.

But it's that easy to get an old one DubDon't discourage Head ;-)

I'm not a Rasta but “Rasta never get weary yet !!!” ………………… lemmi

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