Scholars Word, "Dub Collection "

Already published in 2009, but only now through one German sales available is "Dub Collection “(Scholars Word) undoubtedly one of the best Dub-Albums recently produced in the United States. Scholars Word is actually a completely normal, American reggae band that has toured the United States countless times solo or as a backing band for many Jamaican artists, but - understandably - has remained hidden from German reggae fans. So up to 2009 - unnoticed by us - five albums were created, the best of selection under the fingers of Dub-Meisters Jahboo are in and then in solid shape Dub-Mixes have been packed onto the present album. I don't know the originals, but one thing is very clear: The Dubs are superb! The four-piece band seriously understood what groove is. So powerful beats, so precisely to the point, so unerringly into the heart of the roots addict that it is pure joy. The sound is wonderfully soft, warm, relaxed and yet energetic, the riddims are great. The whole thing is crowned by extremely pleasant melodies, a solid mix and, above all, the fascinating property of inevitably exuding a good feeling as soon as the album sounds.

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