Scientist & Dubiterian: Classeek Riddims

After years of silence around Scientist, suddenly a lot can be heard from him again. At the same time as “Scientist Meets Hempress Sativa in Dub"He is starting another album: Scientist & Dubiterian, "Classeek riddims“ (Dubiterian records). But unlike the all-round successful album by the ruler of the herb, Scientist shows on “Classeek Riddims” that he can also do other things, namely boring, uninspired and superficial. Okay, I like that about the meager digital productions of Dubitarian lie. The only question is, why does Hopeton Overton Brown get involved? Besides that here Dub-Technically not too much happened, that of Dubiterian melodica can be heard on almost every track. What was really good with Augustus Pablo turns out to be latently annoying doodling - especially since the sound spectrum of a melodica is quite limited anyway. But to say something good about the album: It is not without reason that it is titled “Classeek Riddims”, because here you come across many classics, especially some from Eek-A-Mouse, whose “Bidibidibangbangdibiden” even gave him a “Featured” here “Enters in the album title. However: at the latest when “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” sounds, the joy of listening is over.

Rating: 2 out of 5.

One response to "Scientist & Dubiterian: Classeek Riddims "

Two stars and your album review sounds pretty much like slavery. There is actually nothing more to add. I also have to say that I don't understand why you make such an album at all. The riddims were all played with original bass from Flabba, Robbie and Co. and now you do it again with digital sound. It would be ok if it had been pimped up. With Gimmix, SoundNonsens and Space. But it remains minimalist and still you can't create such a good atmosphere from artificial air as from fresh mountain air. I am now exaggerating immensely again, but I still have quite a lot of resistance in me, which simply cannot get used to total digitization. Somehow the sound mostly comes across to me like Lidl grilled meat. Just too cheap. In general, I think the digitalization craze is completely sick. Regardless of the equipment or technical system, there must always be a button that can be used to switch to analog at any time. So that, for example, water can be pumped again by hand in case the municipal waterworks were hacked again. And that's exactly how it is with DUB. If Dub should only be digital, I'm out of the number. I don't just want Lidl-Dub but above all a lot of high grades Dub.

"Bring The Amazing Dub Monster Back To Life “…………………. lemmi

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