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Scientist: Six classic albums


If there ever was a phase in reggae, it was absolutely necessary to follow Dub demanded, then it was - no, not the 1970s, but the early 1980s. An era shaped by the sound of the Roots Radics and their recordings in the Channel One Studio. Never before has the bass been so dominant, the rhythm so slow and the arrangement so minimalistic. Actually, the music consisted of little more than drum & bass and the slow-motion beats left plenty of room for DubEffects. It was the time of producers Juno Lawes and Linval Thompson and theirs Dub- Scientist Hopeton Overton Brown, aka. Scientist. Their epochal joint work will be shown on five Greensleevs-Dub-Albums from 1980 to 1982 masterfully documented: "Scientist vs. Prince Jammy: Big Showdown","Heavyweight Dub Champion","Scientist Meets The Space Invaders","Scientist Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires","Scientist Encounters Pac-Man" and finally "Scientist Wins The World Cup“(Greensleeves). All five albums were released under the name of Scientist at the time. Now they have been re-released - but under the name of the producer and - crazy - even with changed covers, on which the Scientist's head was exchanged for that of the respective producer. The background to this measure, which is reminiscent of the censorship practice of totalitarian regimes, is most likely a legal battle between Scientist and Greensleeves in 2005, in which the Dub-Mixer sued for the copyright to five tracks for which Greensleeves had granted licenses to the game "Grand Theft Auto 3". Scientist was defeated and since then the relationship between the adversaries seems to have been shattered. The judge's verdict gives food for thought, however: the Dub-Engineer has no copyright on his work. Apparently, between a simple sound engineer and a Dub-Mixer, who becomes a musician himself through his creative work on the mixer, is indistinguishable. If I were a lawyer, I would love to open the case again. But even if Scientist is not on the cover, there is definitely Scientist on it - and with superb sound quality. Very nice bonus: To everyone DubThere's a matching vocal version, which means the albums grow to 20 tracks. In the case of “Wins The World Cup” there is even “Extra Time”, which ultimately adds up to a fabulous 37 tracks. Each DubWe recommend this excellent scientist retrospective to enthusiasts.

Rating 5 stars

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High Rene´,

now I had to wait a long time until I got another reason to write here. Five slices at a time, my text could be very long again.
Not because I want to praise every single record again, but because I will write by the topic here very carefully.
It is probably the time of re-releases and I have benefited from re-releases several times. Therefore there is nothing to be said against.
Now I am most likely not the only one Dubconnaisseur, who already has all these discs. So there is no obligation to buy. The young Dub-Freaks tend to want Dubstep
and steppers Dub (always on the face). Do you buy these discs because their own box is complete or do they really like it?

Right now I have a real problem with a new one Dubreplenishment. Last were also here in yours DubBlog more reposts than new Dubs in conversation. Is it slowly ending now?
Please do not get me wrong. I love your site and your comments. But to be honest, I'm looking for “NEW WORLD WIDE DUB Releases "landed. I have not yet found a page in the entire “Internet” that meets this requirement. It must be possible, in the name of NSA and data theft, a kind of universal one Dubside together, where everyone but also everyone produced the smallest Dubsnippets first published. The whole thing is still divided into buyable on CD, vinyl or even in the mp3 box. My idea has always been, I give to Googel DUB one and then comes the page with the worldwide Dub-Releases. But no, everyone does their own thing. You can find a place scattered everywhere Dubbut somehow everything just happened by chance. I need them all on one page or in a compact block with at least 100 pages. Everything audible and checkable up to the point of purchase.

Am I too naive? Am I asking too much?

Please do not take this as a criticism of your side. I suppose it was never your claim to be the global central star in matters Dub to be. This may also be impossible for reasons unknown to me.
Normally one replies to texts like mine ... "do it yourself" !!!

But well, I'm not that kind of computer freak and, to be honest, I wouldn't have time for that. I already have a job.

Somehow I've read too many "conspiracy theories" but I'm slowly suspecting conspiracies all around me.

An example of this is reggaenode. A great site about almost all reggae and Dub - Live concerts in and around Germany. Way isses! You can also find out on Reggaeville that Stick Figure is giving a concert somewhere in California. You will also be informed about every concert by Tarrus Riley and Kabaka Pyramid…. well, Chronnix and Protoje are also often mentioned. But are they the only ones who still come here to D-Land?!? At the Summerjam it feels like only the same people and a lot of people who have nothing to do with reggae, such as tim bensko and cro and lots of soft-washed slackies.
Lots of politically correct German stuff for the quota. Laaaaaaaaaa boring ......
Things like ... .. you are lying completely exhausted, drunk and tired at the lake and really just want to sleep and suddenly you are standing upright in the juice because the fresh one comes out of the tent DubSound of Hypnotix goes off, don't happen anymore today. Or the concert with Bim Sherman in the tent remains unforgettable, where he gave the best concert of all time with a horde of "very dark" On.U-Sound musicians. The concert has legendary status in insider circles. Because it was so awesome, the Bim Sherman concert was moved to the main stage a year later. Nothing against Akabu but they didn't even get it across like this dripping black ON.U band mixed by Carlton Bubblers Ogelvie.

Ok, sorry man ... .. but now I really babbled on you, but they did it so that you practically helped out as a kind of psychotherapist and your blog was now something like the couch.

If you don't publish it, I can't hold it against you because the topic is missing. On the other hand, maybe someone will contradict me and teach me better.

(By the way: I myself am a soft pacifier who has not yet felt the real seriousness of life and hopefully this goblet will pass me by too, but maybe that's why I can't cope with this general lulling / I do not wish for brutality but but again more aggressiveness and sometimes a little more anger)

"Don't let problems get you down" …………………… lemmi

Hi Lemmi,
right, there are quite a few re-releases right now. These are often well-known / legendary albums, so that they are reissued by big labels and thus get a little PR and marketing power on the way. That's why you can't really get around them as a reviewer. The albums become important just because they appear on a big label and therefore need to be discussed.

But apart from that, I take care of the riddim and that Dubblog actually 90 percent about completely new material, because I totally agree with you: That is exactly the exciting part.

I already have a lot of interesting releases on my desk and I will post my opinion on them here one by one. For instant satisfaction you can take a look at these albums here, which are free to download:


Thank you very much Rene´… .. You are a good psychologist ;-) and thank you for the prescription with the emergency drugs.

……. lemmi

Hello Rene,

I've been following your blog for a while and I'm a big fan of it.

When my favorite album is re-released by my favorite artist, there is only one thing left:

Where can i get it? I haven't found anything yet.

Thank you in advance and please continue!


Oh, that's pretty oldschool-like. Sounds like a Revolutionaries original.


I like the tip with the Junia Walker Allstars. Really great, fat sound from my speakers.
I found Christian's question a bit alarming, however. Haven't heard of IRIE RECORDS in Münster yet ?! The shop also has legendary status and Don Carlo aka The Governeur has a huge selection, great service and has been the first point of contact for me when it comes to ROOTS for a long time DUB REGGAE. This cannot be surreptitious advertising because it is a fact. There is vinyl and CD and no downloads.
I only let vinyl and CD touch my skin, uh, ears ………………………… lemmi

Irie Records is in fact one of the oldest (if not THE oldest) mail orders for reggae in Germany. Regarding the eternal theme: “Which format is the best?” I can only say that I value the CD the least and that I am annoyed that I have accumulated thousands of them. Vinyl is beyond reproach - no question about it - but the choice and convenience of Spotify and Apple Music doesn’t offer any disc, big and black or small and silver. Even if it hurts my heart that dealers like Carlo go to the dogs.


Hey, come on because it's Friday today. All too often I wish I could see it the way you do. The "funny" thing is that I initially defended myself against CDs as well as now against the downloads. Something “even worse” should be invented quickly so that I can really find the downloads really good. Well, I think CDs are really good now. New releases even (often) sound better (to me) than vinyl records that have also been re-pressed. Where I really can't cope with certain sound warnings that I hear and feel on the vinyl disc, which I simply no longer notice on the re-released CD pressing. I notice that extremely with “African Blood” by Singers and Players. Vinyl simply brings the room effect (or call it as you like) across a thousand and one times better. Such experiences have long been a rarity for me, as I got to know most of the music on CD from the start. CD and vinyl released today ………… I don't notice any difference or CD better if groove is too thin because too many tunes on one side. If the groove is too thin, it often sounds like download.

I have another question about vinyl: The sellers often brag about the number of grams of a vinyl
disc and when I put it on the bass is very thin. "Wa gwaan Dub“By Dr. Ring Ding, for example, really lowers my record player, but that's how heavy the vinyl is
there is no sound.
My "conspiracy theory" would be that the weight is boiling. It depends on the mastering and the length times width times height of the groove.

Oh, oh, oh, my need to communicate is currently at the limit ....... Since I'm glad I'm not on Facebook, otherwise there would be no more "storage spaces" free.

Well, take me with humor ... .. even if we don't agree on formats ...... ..
main thing DubFormat ………………………… lemmi

So first of all the source material has to be top quality. So perfect recordings, perfect mastering, perfect transfer (or compression when downloading). If that is the case, then the vinyl pressing must also be good (with CD and download, thanks to their digital nature, not much can go wrong at this point). And with vinyl, I see it the same way you do: It depends on the groove ;-). The weight has - I think - only a psychological effect. The part then simply looks “more valuable”. Just as a mechanical wristwatch made of metal also looks more valuable than a Swatch plastic part. But the very best thing about vinyl is simple: the size of the cover! As a graphic designer, that's a quality that I sorely miss in streaming.
So now is actually good for today.


"Today is not everyday, I won't come back any more" ...

High Rene, I have now checked most of the remedies you recommended above - as far as possible. To be honest, I don't want to think that's good at all, but I like Tetra Hydro K - Lobotomy quite a lot, I have to say. Soundcloud has not let me play for a long time, so I found it on YouTube, for example. At the same time I became too Dubbytek and Feldub forwarded. All mainly steppas but somehow I like it a lot. Mexican Stepper sounds the same and the echoman ep has about the same style. Unfortunately it sounds like a one riddim album and also has no or slack bassline. Chiniseman Records ……. “Unfortunately, this video is not available in Germany” - one of my favorite sentences on the uncensored internet.
And it's nice that I'm talking about the French again Dubmatix - disc can blaspheme. This record disappointed me immensely because all this French singing blew my horizon. The disc is now in the garbage can with the African Head Charge vocal disc. The remixes are hopefully Dub-Mixes without French trubadure.
Well, we will probably not be synchronized in the future. When Dub-Fan I get the whole ghost-Dub-Mixers also not quite over but in the end all of these have Dub-Mixer all the same "ghost writer" called computer. Sorry if I repeat myself for the umpteenth time, but I hope that this is not our only future perspective. Sure, almost everything is free, but you also know that you don't look in the mouth of a gift horse. And if you also get everything thrown afterwards for free and everything somehow sounds the same, it becomes (at least for me) uninteresting. DUB and uninteresting, from me in one sentence …… .. oh oh, "Ring The Alarm".

As a graphic designer, you most likely have a completely different attitude towards computers than I do. You can work with it properly and implement your own ideas. But even the cartoons by Walt Disney, which were made by hand in analogue fashion, have a lot more charm than today's computer cartoons. If you've never seen Paulchen Panther, you might also like today's things, but (all) these new computer animations cannot hold a candle to my Paulchen.

Ok, Spongebob and Ice Age are approved …………………. lemmi

Not everything that is produced synthetically is automatically bad. I recently saw a very good TV report about THE HEALING OF THE NATIONS where we were able to find out, among other things, that certain cannabinoids can even stop the progression of cancer. Some farm company managed to produce these cannabinoids synthetically and unfortunately ... .. no, thank God, the artificial preparation also stopped the cancer, if not cured it. In any case, the little boy there has more than tripled his life expectancy as predicted by doctors and was still in very good shape until the end of the documentary. Personally, I would of course prefer if we could grow this medicine, which is very helpful in many situations, for example on the balcony. But then Bayer would not even be able to consider taking over Monsanto. because it is useless or in many cases very harmful. It is also strange that so much is being said about the carcinogenic product of glyphosate right now. Could that weaken Monsanto's position? No matter !
In any case, Hayao Miyazaki's computer animations are really difficult to distinguish from real cartoons. I was really amazed by the pictures.
Yes, I am turning in circles. Of course there are also really good computerDubs and basically I think myself, “Lemmi, sometimes you write a lot of sch…. But pssssssst don't say any more ”.

Cheers ………………. lemmi

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