Shankara NZ: Dawn Chrous

Shankara NZ is a duo from New Zealand (Brendan Evans and Elijah Wilson-Kelly) who have dedicated themselves to electronic downtempo beats with exotic influences. Fat bass pads, Indian sitar sounds and tabla - this is what most of the duo's productions sound like. But with the EP "Dawn Chorus“The two have taken a consequent step towards Dub made and a fascinatingly beguiling meditative one Dub- Factory delivered. I've often argued that genre outsiders are the most exciting Dub-Create productions because they don't care about conventions and their very special ones Dub- bring in specific skills. Shankara NZ is definitely about the unmistakable feeling for low-frequency vibrating, meditative beats, embedded in a soft, yet powerful sound - which by the way reminds me a lot of the International Observer (Tom Baily). "Dawn Chorus" - runs in the stream under the heading "Downtempo" - is well-kept for friends DubIt's definitely a real surprise and a perfect companion for cozy holidays in the dark season.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Maybe better if you don't have any prior knowledge. Here I had absolutely no expectations. Only the reference to "non-genre outsiders" made me very curious
made because I have often felt that their interpretation of Dub could quite surprise. I didn't find anything really surprising here, but I can really indulge in the "disc". I can understand the comparison with the International Observer very well. It also grabs me again and again, even if I've already labeled it as "boring" here. It's just the "low-frequency vibrating, meditative beats that are embedded in a soft but powerful sound".
I feel that way too and that makes me happy (I know with h but that would not have rhymed).

But so good that you can only get them because of this 5th Dubs in the International Blog Of Dub have to discuss (nothing has to, everything can) in my opinion they are not either.

Am I a bad person or was that just a bad thought of mine? (or both?) ……………………… .. lemmi

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