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Sly and Robbie Meet Dubmatix: Overdubbed

And again a new Sly & Robbie-Dub-Album. But what one! After the many disappointments of the last few years, in which Sly & Robbie had somehow delivered soulless works, now comes the age masterpiece of the Rhythm Twins! Or? Well, it's more complex. Because although Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare are perhaps the greatest (living) names in reggae right now, they usually have no artistic control over their works. As crazy as it sounds: after almost fifty years in the business, the two are still modest service providers who provide a producer with exactly what he pays them for: drum & bass. The rest is up to the producer. And if at the end an uninspired one Dub-Album comes out, it's certainly not the fault of the two suppliers. Too bad that these mediocre albums are marketed under their names and thus permanently damage the “Sky & Robbie brand”. This is exactly where the misleading lies: A Sly & Robbie album is only a small part of Sly & Robbie. Instead of delivering dutifully, the two should have taken artistic control of their work long ago and were only allowed to publish real “author albums” - like it did z. B. Bob Marley did before them.

How to substantiate this thesis has Dubmatix has now produced this - so much in advance - exquisite Sly & Robbie album. In this way, he demonstrates under laboratory conditions what an absolutely decisive influence the producer has and how much he is responsible for whether the rhythms of the Rhythm Twins shine in the form of beautiful music - or perish as bores. Or, to express it figuratively, whether the rough diamond of the two becomes a real piece of jewelery by means of the cut and setting or just a gem. "It's Sly & Robbie - two of the most accomplished, integral and forward-thinking drum and bass duos in history - I was honored and really eager to have the opportunity to work with their music and see where I could take what they had already recorded and alter it as much, as possible. ", summarizes Dubmatix put together the concept of his new album. It has the meaningful title: "Sly & Robbie meet Dubmatix: Overdubbed " (Echo Beach). What a banal, ingenious title, it sums up the concept perfectly: Dubmatix did NOT go into the studio with Sly & Robbie, but rather used older recordings of the two of them and then did NOT just re-create themdubmixes, but re-recorded everything around the drum & bass tracks: “The first thing I did was NOT to listen to the tracks. I loaded up only the drums, bass and some of the percussion parts. It was like having a blank slate. The next step was to look at each track individually and think about where I could take it. As they had already been released as dub tracks I didn't want to re-hash. I wanted to create something unique from each song. When you listen to the album, all 11 songs are different in sound, texture and style. That was intentional. What started out as a Re-Vision became something else entirely, ”explains the Canadian Dub-Master. And now comes the kicker, which is why it was worth reading this excessively long review up to here: After intensive, investigative research, I managed to find the original Dub- Identify albums who DubMatix mentioned. There are: “Blackwood Dub" (2012) and "Underwater Dub" (2014). This is where the fun begins, because if you now listen to the individual tracks in comparison, you will immediately recognize the truth of my opening thesis: Two times the identical play of the Rhythm Twins, but musically fundamentally different results. What was offered in 2012 and 2014 "with perfect craftsmanship" (as I wrote at the time), but ultimately remained anemic, breathes Dubmatix now what was missing before: a soul. What had originally been routinely produced in three days, has now become the subject of an extensive artistic examination. With different musicians and always new ideas, took himself Dubmatix of every single track, occasionally even adding a vocal track and creating an album that is much more than an “overdub“: An original one Dub-Work that shows how the diamond "Sly & Robbie" can still sparkle. "Sly and Robbie Meet Dubmatix ”will be released today, January 19, 2018, and will - that much is already certain - the best DubAlbum of the year.

Interesting interview with Dubmatix on the background of »Overdubbed «.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

8 responses to “Sly and Robbie Meet Dubmatix: Overdubbed "

Interesting album, a bit musty sound-wise. When Dub- I wouldn't call it an album though - these are more like tracks from the two Groove Attack albums "reimagined" ... that's what you might call it in new German. But I do not hope that we have the best "Dub-Album “of the year ahead of us, because then it will dubtechnically a rather sad year.

"Sound-wise a bit musty" unfortunately hits the nail on the head. Several times I had the feeling that the EQ is not off (heard on the iPhone, later also on the system).
apart from this:
A great work as an album, versatile, very easy to hear. Would give four stars myself. At the moment I am drifting more into the spheres of the psy-Dub around, so performers like Tor.Ma In Dub or the International Observer mentioned here in the blog (the very nice retouched is currently running). But I only like such music as long as it doesn't get too esoteric-ambient. Neva go witout mi bassline.

Hey gtkriz,

I'm listening to Richie Phoe In Dub in your playlist on Spotify. But really good material never belongs to the man! Who mixed that? Could really be Prince Fatty or Gussie P (I mean the one from Sip A Cup). The way they always “grind in” the riddim is awesome. Very nice and crisp!

Thank you for broadening your horizons ………………………. lemmi

Sorry to be in touch "now". I haven't heard a single note from the disc. But the slightly controversial hearing impressions make me more and more excited. Don't worry, I'll be back.

Until …………… .. lemmi

(Tor.Ma In Dub, Touched and Retouched…. also very good !!! )

It can go that fast.

Ok, the sound comes across as a bit musty, but I'm currently playing the first track “Dictionary” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …………… what a hammer groove !!!!! This is how I need it and no other way! "Neva go witout dat BiassLine !!!!!"
"Riding East" …… groooooooovt !!!!
“Great Wall” ……. as well !!!!

Interim conclusion: “Great slice” !!!! ………………… lemmi

I am writing to everyone now Dub Tune a comment ;-)

Apart from the sound (you get used to it) I haven't heard anything bad - not even close. Just cool the disc !! At the moment "Burru Saturday" !!!! Super SteppaStyle !!! .... I just had to get rid of it again. And while I write ...
"Ruff House" ...... great !!! …………….

it may be that I will get in touch again ;-) ……………… .. lemmi

High René ;-)

yeah Man "Unity Is Power" !!!

On Friday the time had finally come. I now have the disc as a CD at home and I have to say that it's really rare that I listen to a new disc three times in one day. And then a few more times the next day. You write “the best Dub Album of the year ”. Since it's only January, it is leaned quite far out of the window at first, but I don't see any obstacles on the railway line. No power pole or branch or any other post to be painfully stabbed on. So you can soak up the wind and enjoy it. And one window further my head sticks out and is happy with you. In my opinion, it doesn't get any better. It works just as well but not better. Drum and bass or bass and drum are an indispensable part of reggae, but it is like a large building. If bass and drum are the foundation, it is a very good foundation for the building, but without rooms, windows and doors with a waterproof roof, the most beautiful building is no good and the foundation becomes superfluous. (Yes, sorry for my bumbling attempt to convey my enthusiasm in a "philosophical" metaphor). Dubmatix would certainly have become an excellent architect. It's good that he has dedicated his genius to music.
Anyway, I'm happy that I made my outrageous remark “Sly and Robbie can't Dub“Can and must finally take back.

“I don't like Mondays” ……………… lemmi

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