Sly & Robbie: Book of Dubrelationship

Another new one Dub-Album by Sly & Robbie, remixed by Dartanyan Winston and released by Guillaume Bougards on his label Tabou1. We already know everything in exactly this constellation from the Sly & Robbie album "Dubocalypse ”from last year (and two predecessors). Abstract: Mostly boring Dubs, conventionally mixed, but with good sound and cool illustrated fantasy covers. The same applies to the "book of Dubrelationship“(Tabou1). Gentle, unobtrusive and unfortunately also a little irrelevant Dubs that create nice mood carriers for the background, but hardly encourage you to want to listen to them with concentration. Somehow convey this Dubs the impression of secondary use. Sure, that originally applies to the whole genre of the classic Dubs closed, but often emancipates himself Dub from the original song and gains its own incomparable quality. Unfortunately not here, although Dartanyan is busy turning the controls. He just makes it - as before - too conventional. How it goes better has last Dubmatix with his terrific Sly & Robbie album “Overdubbed ”proved. However, he has not limited himself to working on the mixer, but has re-recorded everything to do with Sly & Robbie's drum and bass. So more of an (inverted) remix instead of a pure one Dubmixes. As much as I love Sly & Robbie's music, I have to realize by now that they both produce a bit too old-school to really flash me.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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At first, I like the cover best. Reminds me of old On-U.Sound - especially African Head Charge - covers. You can see everything clearly, but somehow you don't really know what you are actually seeing. And that's exactly how I love music. For me, music shouldn't be so easy to understand and always sound somehow mystical. That's why I'm always happy to do so Dub, Dub and again Dub.
"Book of Dubelation “actually has everything Dub that matters but I agree with you completely.
“Gentle, unobtrusive and unfortunately also a little irrelevant Dubs that are nice mood carriers for the background. "
I would say “SeniorsDub". So from now on it gets better with every day, the older we get ;-)
Well, when I'm only five DubI would have to buy it urgently, but so I can stream it on occasion ………………. lemmi

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