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When in 1985 the album "Dub Experience ”by Sly & Robbie, it was considered a great sensation. Rodigan raved about it on BFBS, the cover artwork was brilliant and the Island Record label ensured a decent reach. It was a milestone for the genre, but it also marked the end of Jamaica as the home of goodies Dubs. The Rhythm Twins had produced it themselves, but Paul “Groucho” Smykle was responsible for the mix. The perfectly produced, but also hard, electronic-technical sound had captivated and deterred me. Well, almost thirty years later, there is "Dubrising " (Tabou1) the follow-up of the influential album - and again I'm not really sure what to think of it. What happened? Tabou1 label operator Guillaume Bougard, who apparently has a close business relationship with Sly & Robbie, rummaged through some of the productions he made with the Rhythm Twins between 2006 and 2012 and accused the mixing engineer who was also the legendary “Dub Experience ”: Paul“ Groucho ”Smykle. It was the first time in thirty years that Sly & Robbie material flowed through the tracks of his mixing desk. But as the perfectionist he is, he was not satisfied with a new mix, he let Don Donovan synthesizer overdubs and Bunny McKenzie play additional harmonica parts. The Dub-Mix then took place live and analogue according to old fathers custom. Now it is available, the new one DubAlbum of the old masters. Initially pressed exclusively in heavy vinyl, later also digitally. Sounds awesome? The question remains whether it sounds awesome. Sound wise, it's incredibly impressive indeed. Wonderfully balanced, gently shimmering like dark silk, precise and clear. The arrangements are also top notch and the mix is ​​of classic beauty. I just wonder why the album doesn't really grab me. Maybe it's too perfect? Unapproachably beautiful - and therefore not touching? Is that possible? But yes! My most important quality credo is: A thing is only round when it has rough edges. And that's exactly what is missing "Dubrising ". Everything is precisely coordinated and balanced here, the sound is absolutely audiophile, Sly & Robbie in inhuman perfection. And that's exactly why it leaves me cold. The rough edges that ensure that I listen with concentration instead of digressing, that arouse my interest and curiosity instead of boring me with the fulfillment of my expectations, that challenge me instead of confirming practiced conventions - looking for these rough edges I on "Dubrising ”in vain. Too bad. After the last failures of the Rhythm Twins, I was looking forward to a perfect Sly & Robbie-Dub-Album happy. And now it's too perfect! Damn.

Rating 4 stars

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Great thing, very clean production - almost too clean. If the record crackles a bit, the album also has that "imperfect" something that is missing ...

So ... and here I write something really provocative. It hurts my soul to say it like this but:
Sly and Robbie can't Dub. The only good one Dub-Disc that I know from both of them is "DUB FACTOR “but it runs as Black Uhuru.
Don't hit ………… .. lemmi

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