Sly & Robbie meet Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav Belay: Nordub

Now it's getting exciting: Sly & Robbie meet Jazz. Even the artist name of the album is unmistakably Jazz: Sly & Robbie meet Nils Petter Molvær feat. Eivind Aarset and Vladislav Belay. But the title is all the shorter: "Nordub"(Okeh) - a combination of" Norway "(or maybe" North ") and"Dub". Logically, Sly & Robbie stand for the "Dub"-Part. Jazz trumpeter Nils Petter Molvær for jazz. The latter is regarded as a pioneer of the fusion of jazz and electronic music and developed the new sound almost single-handedly with his album "Khmer" in 1997, when he juxtaposed his ethereal, feverish, hoarse trumpet play with powerful electronic beats. At such a start, a collaboration with the Jamaican rhythm twins is predestined, because who else delivers powerful, repetitive beats that are wonderfully hand-played in a jazz-compatible manner? In addition, Molvær has always been an admirer of Bill Laswell, who is known to be a great admirer of Sly & Robbies. In short: The circle closes and the Rhythm Twins find themselves in a pure jazz project. And that's so much Dub like jazz in general Dub can be: reverb and echo, lots and lots of acoustic space and of course bass form the basis. There are also electronic gadgets, occasional, very subdued vocals and a little guitar. The trumpet improvises over it like Augustus Pablo's Melodica once did. Dub-Mixing does not exist, however. Jazz musicians would never go that far. Still, it all sounds like something Dub and a lot even after reggae, like z. B. the track “How Long” that almost drowns in reverb and echo. Interestingly, Sly & Robbie often play typical reggae styles, while the rest of the arrangement comes from the world of jazz. Real fusion that works amazingly well. "Nordub“Proves again that Dub is in principle a fairly open concept and can work in a wide variety of contexts.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Actually, I didn't really want to "toast" anything because jazz might be a bit too intellectual for me. But in jazz there are also a lot of big tunes that have created a very groovy foundation, especially in hip-hop. You can tell, I have no idea but I know ;-)
Then there is still free jazz ... what is that supposed to be?!? Noises for intellectuals who look at music purely scientifically or am I just too stupid to feel something like music. Yes sorry …. politically incorrect but i needed this now.
Fortunately, playing at “Nordub“At least two genuinely gifted musicians from Jamaica, who already provide a rock-solid foundation. Tune 1 (“If I gave you….) As well as Tune 10 and 11 don't groove for me at all. I don't have it that way with “politically correct”. “Neil Five” is also way too jazzy (boring) for me.
From Cut 2 (How Long) the record will be really good for me! I'm Hall and Echo Junkee and with this music the cia could also like to "waterboard" me. You do not joke about that !? Yes, that's right …. ain't so funny Does reverb and echo even belong in music? Of course ! Only through reverberation and echo does music become a real experience of nature. In the mountains or in a cave, even our Helene would have the potential for Dub.
If you think now that the lemmi is completely crazy, I can only say, ok, maybe smoke and mirrors got to my head a little too much. But doesn’t bother me in the least …………. ;-) ……………………. lemmi

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