Sly & Robbie vs. Roots Radics: The Dub Battle

When in 2019 a new album with the martial title "Sly & Robbie vs. Roots Radics: The Final Battle“Was announced, the expectation was high: Should the more or less aged, male vocalist who's who of the golden reggae era be captured again on freshly recorded riddims, which are 50/50 from Sly & Robbie and the Roots Radics. For this, producer Hernan Sforzini gathered pretty much everyone who could still stand in front of a microphone in 2019; the potential for a monumental album was definitely there. But as it is with great expectations: They are seldom met. In this case mediocre vocal performances reproduced clichéd texts that rarely go beyond the wisdom of sayings. But that's only half the drama, because there is also Sforzini's exuberant production according to the motto "more is more": here a few keys, there still absolutely brass samples and above all more percussion, percussion, percussion! There is hardly any room to breathe in the middle mixdown - this is probably the album's biggest flaw, as you can see on the track "This Morning" by Michael Rose:

Two years and a few lockdowns later, however, we should no longer be concerned, because the ones that have just appeared apply Dub-Counterpart to discuss: "Sly & Robbie vs. Roots Radics: The Dub Battle“ (Dubshot Records) keeps what the vocal album promised. Here, too, a Who's Who is represented, albeit that of the golden one Dub-Era: King Jammy, Scientist, Bunny "Striker" Lee, Mad Professor, Dennis Bovell and Lee Scratch Perry rigorously edit the tracks, clear them out properly and ensure that those buried are resuscitated. This is where the miracle of the Dubs celebrates - which is very good in "Dub Morning, "the Scientist-edited track of the Michael Rose title above:

The comparison shows: The scientist has done a great job and thrown out everything that was Dub-Vibe is not serving. The essence remains: A killer bassline that - accompanied by sometimes exploding one drop beats - makes its way through echo and reverb. Wonderful ... Scientist can still do it, and his colleagues are not much inferior to him: Every track wins in the Dub- Enormous revision; the comparison with the vocal versions is as illuminating as possible and you can hear producer Hernan Sforzini, who is here as Don Camel, also for three Dubs is responsible, congratulations on the consistently successful release.

I don't quite understand why there are two additional tracks by King Tubby from the early 80s on the release. They have absolutely nothing to do with the original vocal album and in their simplicity, devoid of any dramaturgy, are completely untypical for Tubby. The motto “more is more” does not seem to be completely off the table for producer Sforzini.

Ultimately, it should be noted that we are in a phase in which we have to say goodbye to many of the greats of the genre - the last few months have shown this painfully. Also “Sly & Robbie vs. Roots Radics: The Dub Battle “reminds us of this: Contributors like Bunny Lee, Toots Hibbert, Lee Perry are no longer. Style Scott is no longer either, but as a Roots Radics veteran it should have been there. A generation change is in progress, which it feels like the next generation is missing. But who would come close to a borderline genius Lee "Scratch" Perry ...

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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mmmmmh, I'm starting again, a little indecisive grumbling to myself. Something seems to be missing from the whole project. I just don't know what it is. So I actually put the Voval version in the "files" rather criminally and too quickly. I literally forgot it and found it neither on my discs at home nor in any of my internet playlists. What was I thinking? .... I have been asking myself all day today! Were the "old" heroes ahead of their time? When I looked at the VocalVersions again today in connection with the Dubs, I've fallen into the charm of the "old gentlemen" here and there and am still at their feet. I regret !
I also regret my first spontaneous comment about the Dubs that made me yawn a little at first. My form on the day was probably not at its peak. However, that has to do with the overly high expectations I keep coming back from such big names. The riddims here are consistently massive and stand on a solid foundation even if the BassLines - for my taste - are a little too often, only plucked with the thumb ;-). I haven't counted it, but one time is already too much for me. (Not entirely without serious fun). It is always a pleasure for me to watch the guys (!), Live and direct, doing their fun work. No matter whether with a singer or without. However, Sly Sunbar actually looks a bit bored on the drums. But he's probably just COOOOOOL!
Yes, the Dubs are really cool and good to hear them. But they are pure from them DubGimmicks are only solid. My TagesForm asked for my first comment on the "DubBattle "after more refreshment after more" experiments "and the" missing "5th star shows me that the reviewer (high gtkriz ;-)) still seems to have a little bit of room for improvement. Anyway, I have to go to them Dubs only yawn a bit, if at all, on Monday mornings. Otherwise, as usual, they create a very good feeling.
But I would like to be a little “riot” here! At "DubMorning “I like everything except the effect on the snare drum! I love the many variable effects on the snare drum that could be admired "around the world" and there are but here the "scientist" has quite missed my taste. That sounds a bit too "nasty" or too "quirky" to me. But that's really a matter of taste and for that reason it can be the salt in the soup for other ears.

What am I to do ? No matter how I turn and turn DUB IS SIMPLY ALWAYS GOOD !!! AND MOSTLY ABSOLUTE TOP !!!

“A generation change is taking place that feels like the next generation is missing. But who would come close to a borderline genius Lee "Scratch" Perry ... "

This is a sad subject! …………………………. lemmi

What can I say, lemmi ... the rating is an average. While I say "Dub Morning “I couldn't find anything to complain about in terms of 5 stars, are others DubIt's not that successful. Summasummarum pi times thumb 4 stars for the entire album.

I mean, Mr. Dunbar has never looked different. Let's call it "concentrated" :-)

Of course gtkriz!

"Concentrated" !!! What else ? I could actually have figured it out myself ;-)

Greetings …………… lemmy

The year 2021 will be an extremely lossy one for our genre: Robbie Shakespeare died at the age of 68. According to "Jamaica Gleaner," Robbie Shakespeare recently had kidney surgery and was in a Florida hospital, the exact cause of death is unknown.
RIP Robbie Shakespeare aka Robbie Basspeare

Very sad !

This is sometimes a disadvantage of today's information options.
Without a computer I would have lived on this weekend with the beautiful illusion that Robbie Shakespeare was still alive.
Yes, stupid words about "stupid" death, I know but I really don't like death. But I wouldn't mind being taught better if I “go over” myself.

Thank you for the sad news RasVorei.

RIP Robbie Shakespeare

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