Some Dub Stories: Chapter One

Annecy, the Venice of the Alps, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful small towns in the world. The capital of Haute Savoie is famous for its grandiose monuments and the second largest natural lake in France at 446 m altitude. The attractions of the eastern French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes now also include a band that I had never known before: Some Dub Stories. The four-man crew, who have already appeared as support acts for Zenzile and High Tone, released their debut album almost two weeks ago Some Dub Stories: Chapter One (Alpine Records), an extensive and multidisciplinary project.

The team consists of Etienne Doutreleau on trumpet, flugelhorn and melodica, Boris Lacombe on drums, Clément Gros on guitars and Lucien Leclerc on bass and sound machines, who is also responsible for the mix. Four musicians who share their experiences in formations as different as Hubris, Dub Silence or Lamuzgueul have mastered the arts, pop, psychedelic, and electronic music Dub to connect intelligently. A colorful and powerful hybrid project. The futuristic electronicDub-Universe this group of young musicians offers a naughty Dub Roots mix that is as crazy as it is poetic. The overall concept also includes beautifully animated clips by Lucas Roig, which also illustrate the story and adventures of the cosmic turtle Obaba.

The Dub-The basis of the individual tracks is solidly worked out and opens up towards more traditional ones Dub-Sounds before blending with the group's diverse influences. Carried by a hip-hop rhythm, a meditative bass and a melodious trumpet, an organic atmosphere is created that emits sparks. So offers "Salmon Swing Syndicate' with 'brassy' RootsDub a beautiful journey between summer beach and underwater crab dance. The protagonist Obaba finds herself smoking her pipe in a warm, colorful universe and discovering the island party of the "Salmon Swing Syndicate" - one of my highlights of the album. Or the slow, repetitive melodic bass loops that usher us into the world of "purple tribe' followed by a controlled, familiar one Dub-Beat. Carried by a floating guitar riff, a jazzy trumpet soon joins in. The sounds become more and more diverse and soon the magic of Some unfolds Dub Stories: We are enveloped in an electroacoustic Dub-Symphony performed by top-class musicians. The music is gorgeous, yet the message of "Purple Tribe" remains political, as evidenced by the track's voice samples, which whisper, "Make racism wrong again!"

Some Dub Stories tell the story of Obaba, the cosmic turtle, at the borders of several universes with their music. Back on earth, in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, Obaba reports on her odyssey and lets us into a successful cosmic story for almost 44 minutes Dub-Epic immersion.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about it. I already wrote in "Radar" that I find it spectacular and nothing has changed about that. On the contrary, it has even increased.
I like (or rather I liked) High Tone very much and Zenzile is also one of the top favorites in Europe and therefore also in the world Dub ( Community ) ... ( I find this word ridiculous but whatever ).
Some Dub Stories fit in there very well for me. This is the mysterious "AggroDub' that I can't get enough of. In addition, unlike most Steppa, he willDubs seasoned with a decent synthesizer sound and various guitar sounds and on top of that with an excellently played trumpet of the finest quality and the taste-enhancing umami component not only satisfies the palate, but also fills every cell in the body and mind (brain) with new strength. The guitarist conjures up a diversity with his guitar, which for me ranges from "heavy" metal sound to the sound of a sitar and then there are flutes and oh, I don't know everything. In any case, the whole "SoundTree" is full of tinsel. Only in the effect area is there still room for improvement. DubEffects can certainly be felt, but for me most of them can be heard DubTunes also very much after instrumentals. Especially after the dubBig introductions often or almost always lead to a crisp StappaRiddim. But here “the bear tap-dances” and here “the pope in chain mail is boxing”.
There is not only bass here, but also BASSLINES !!! The Riddims are GEI-EL !!!
And also the animated videos to the DubTunes are very charming. The cosmic turtle Obaba (not related to Obama, is it?) seems to have brought the ability from space to shield gravity. The casual, seemingly weightless gait of the “second coolest” turtle (…..;-)…..RasVebei ) in the entire universe clearly shows that Obaba in connection with Dub can even override the cosmically applicable physical laws. The turtle Obaba certainly has the groove !!! Possibly the cosmic content of her pipe has also made a major contribution to this.
I am now inclined to give you a small audio sample of the live qualities of Some Dub to-put-in-stories. I would also like to have something like that here in Göttingen, when it’s always just Jamaram ……

"No matter what the people say, this sound leads the way !!!"

or even better :

"Whether you speak Spanish, French or Persian, This is an Aggro Dub release" …………………. lemmi

That's right, with Régicide you actually hear a kind of (electronically generated) sitar. The guys work with all possible acoustic means. Lemmi, you write about a "heavy" guitar, which is absolutely correct. I simply call the influences psychedelic - the guitar sound, which was mastered par excellence by bands like the Doors, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, but also the Byrds and a little later Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple or Black Sabbath. Even I can relate to this steppa sound. Here it has style and does not degenerate into senseless, rather soulless stamping.
This music is a musical kaleidoscope that somehow always has something new to offer.

A truly wonderful recommendation! Some Dub Stories make a pretty unusual sound. I really like the album because of that. A great discovery and as always a nice review!

The band musically blends elements of dub and uplifting melodies into a harmonically fused soundscape of electronic and dub reggae. I would have liked to hear a few more dub effects. But Chapter One is and remains a great surprise and discovery. From first listen I like this album.

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