Star Wars Dub

The hype about the empire will never stop. So Secret Records reissued it four years ago "Star Wars Dub" Burning Sounds LP re-pressed in "authentic" red vinyl. It is one of those sought after Dub LPs that Phil Pratt sold to the English label at the end of the 70s without any further information, the first presses of which always came in colorful vinyl. You hear that the tracks' home station was Channel One Studio and that Sly Dunbar was in the engine room. But you have to cruise through the Jamaican galaxy for a long time to come across originals like Jimmy London's “Ride On” or “Open The Gate” by Well Pleased & Satisfied. Difficult to say who mixed. Nevertheless, despite Darth Vader on the cover, liner notes dramatically flying past interesting facts and the occasional cracking of the pressure, you don't crash into the mixes. (An earlier version of the text appeared in RIDDIM 04/20)

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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There you can see what great times we have lived in. I don't think I got the disc in "authentic" red vinyl, but it belongs - at least it felt - to the first reggae resp. Dub Discs that came into my possession. That must have been sometime in the early eighties, because before that I was still too young.
I would have written spontaneously, you don't necessarily have to look for it. For this it has DubMusic has just developed too far. But my heart would have been bleeding in retrospect if I'd ticked it off like that. In any case, back then, even in a provincial kaff like Göttingen, it was just standing in the record store, which shows that at least the record store owners of the past were some really cool guys. For me these belonged DubIt's never one of my top favorites, but such a review always makes me want to listen back to it. And I have to say that it fills me with great inner satisfaction to be able to rotate this disc at my home whenever I want. The Dubs are not necessarily as psychedelic as what is then, for example, and especially with On-U. Sound took off in the eighties and by far not like Lee "Scratch" Perry and Augustus Pablo but the riddims are really good for my taste and so are they DubI often have a lot of fun with effects.
With all the competition that has developed alongside technology over the years, it's tough for these older ones Dubs to get 5 stars. That's why I find the 3 stars here also completely appropriate. I like the album a lot better now than it did then.
Now I just have to look again what color my vinyl at home is ;-) ………. even if I don't really care.

“May the force be with you” ……………………… lemmi

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