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Studio One Dub Fire special


As in 2004 and 2007, the Soul Jazz Coxsone Dodd Estate Trustees are tracking the Studio One archives Dub-Versions searched, which in the course of the 1970s mostly under the artist name "Dub Specialist ”have been released on various albums. And of course they found what they were looking for. Amazing: Although the two earlier albums have already fished a total of 35 tunes from the pool, there were still 18 more great ones Dubs for the album "Studio One Dub Fire special“(Soul Jazz) left - which once again impressively proves what an unbelievably creative output this small studio on Brentfort Road had in the 1960s and 1970s. The pieces were recorded by the in-house band, which was actually always the same, but always had different names than z. B. The Sound Dimension, New Establishment, Soul Defenders and of course Brentford All-Stars. The Dub-Mix was mainly done by Sylvan Morris, but Clement Dodd is also said to have mixed himself as well as a young scientist. However, you shouldn't be too big here Dub- expect art. The technical resources of the studio were modest and the recordings used are often quite old, which is why some "Dub"Is actually a better" version ". But nonetheless: the flow of the music gathered here is simply wonderful. Almost every rhythm is a classic and it is fun (or drains the last nerve) to identify the respective riddim.

Rating 5 stars

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