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Studio One Space Age Dub Special

at these Dubno one comes by: Studio One Space Age Dub Special (soul jazz). You can hear them all here, the beautiful, never-aging Studio One rhythms - in their purest form, without vocals. And above all in brilliant quality! I'm just thinking of my old vinyl releases: unbelievably bad JA pressings in white covers - not exactly an expression of appreciation on the part of the producer. But soul jazz people are different. They are real sound nerds who carefully preserve and maintain the Coxsone legacy. You have the Dubs remastered from the original tapes, packed into one phat album and decked out with a gorgeous cover art that features Clement Dodd in space orbit. Incidentally, an image inspired by Lone Ranger's 1982 Studio One album Badda Dan Dem, which featured Sir Coxsone at the controls of a spaceship in space on the cover.

Most of these tracks are from the long out of print series of Studio OneDub-Albums released between 1974 and 1980 including Zodiac Sounds, Ital Sounds and System, Roots Dub","Dub Store Special”, “Juks Incorporation” and others. Many of these classic albums were originally only released in Jamaica in limited editions with special screen printed sleeves, all with absolutely minimal designs, which today cost up to £100 on vintage vinyl.

The credit for the Dubs apply to a fictitious "Dub Specialist”, behind which Studio One sound engineer Sylvan Morris should actually be hiding. He, his producer and the brilliant musicians have created many of the best recordings in the reggae genre. They are here as timelessly beautiful Dubs to enjoy.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One Response to “Studio One Space Age Dub Special "

The "DubTechnology" is of course not that far developed here. Hence these live Dubs for me from the timeless, original Riddims.
When I discovered reggae ( when reggae infected me ) the old Studio One "stuff" was far from being my first choice. The sound quality of the Jamaican sand-beach pressings simply overwhelmed me. On the other hand, everything I first got to know and love about Island Records was premium quality! In fact, it has remained so to this day. Only in the bass range was Island Records not up to date with today's technology.
I owe my entire musical “knowledge” about Studio One Music to this grandiose Soul Jazz Records initiative!!! All of the albums that have come out since have had the sand in the grooves removed and now have a sound that consistently convinces me and reveals the true potential of Studio One to me.

A big "BIG UP" to the SoundNerds from Soul Jazz Records !!! ……………………… Lemmy

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