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sumac Dub: Ex-Home Session

(This text has been machine translated.) I have seldom spent so much time at home as in the past few weeks. Corona locks us up in our apartments and houses. This confinement is excruciating, but it can also be a source of great creativity. To Tom Dorne aka Sumac Dub that seems to be the case, because he currently has an outstanding, beautifully melancholy EP with the telling title "Ex home session" (ODGProd) released. Not only does the title refer to the domestic isolation (in beautiful Grenoble), but it also ties in with Toms "Jam Session Vol. 1" from 2019 on. Seamless, because here and there a calm, meditative sound predominates, interspersed with ambient noises such as z. B. The twittering of birds and sometimes accompanied by the violin or piano playing of the master himself. The vocals sampled from speeches or readings are also typical of the two works. But it is above all the "ex-home session" that casts its spell on me. The magical atmosphere of the first tracks is overwhelming. Deeply sad, gloomy, heavy and yet powerful. Soft beats garnished with measured piano chords and melancholy violin playing. Unbelievably pretty. Then follows the track “Imminent Departure” and with it a sound metamorphosis Dub-Techno - which is shocking but absolutely conclusive. The warm plucking minimal techno beats only logically continue what the two previous tracks “Petit Prince” and “The Hadal Tone” began.

The last two tracks stunned me, because they were written by the Bass Trooperz. I have no idea whether Tom is involved in them or whether he is just using their tracks as a Dubs mixes. In any case, they also fit perfectly into the overall work, feature beautiful sitar playing and atmospheric waves - but then turn up the beats clearly. That puts a positive and energetic end to one of the most beautiful Dub-EPs from the Corona period.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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I always write my fingers sore here and at the end of the year I get a little recognition for my comments ;-)
Andi is again much more effective than me. Write here a two-line with a comma and a point and get a laurel wreath and an "Ave Cesar" for it.

Actually, I should probably delete that now, because I'm not so sure whether everyone believes me, that I just wanted to be funny again. There is always a bit of truth in every saying. But I treat the (dear) Andi and say "You are Welcome"! But now you don't even know how the album really worked for him.
I'll venture a little further and write, I like the review better than the music. (Am I coming on TV now?! ;-))
I found Sumac to be suitable Dub also pretty good at first. It's also fun to watch him do his “work”, but in the long run I don't get into ecstasy with minimal techno influences. Should I repeat the question I have asked the most? Where is the magical bassline that pulls me under the spell of the music?

Basically, we just have another continuation of Rhythm and Sound here, or do I have to go back into the goal? ……………………………… .. lemmi

Lemmi, he would be without your comments dubblog only half as good. Honest!

What Sumac Dub concerns: The sound cannot be ticked off with “Minimal Techno”. On the contrary. Listen to it. Is more real Dub with offbeat. Only one track comes very vaguely close to Dub-Techno, but without losing its reggae soul.


"On the contrary. Listen to it."

I did that, René! Otherwise I would not have come to my comment. I try to read between the lines and interpret you in such a way that my comment - from your point of view and perhaps also from the point of view of many others - is completely wrong and is in no way understandable.
I try to be clearer and write, even if every track is completely reggae from beginning to end. Dub Offbeat, it can - from my point of view - sound primarily like minimal techno. Because it wasn't sound-wise, or shouldn't be.

But that's not enough for me and that's why I have next to nothing of rhythm and sound. Perhaps my comparison is far too far-fetched, but I have no problem with offering a little "attack surface" here.

“So dont push me cause i am close to the …….” Oh no, that's something completely different again ……………… lemmi

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