sumac Dub: Jam Session Vol. 1

An excellent one Dub-Artist comes from Grenoble, France this time. Tom Dorne aka Sumac Dub launched the project in 2015. The multi-instrumentalist Tom Dorne began to learn to play the violin at the tender age of 5. Today he not only plays the violin, but also guitar, drums, piano and some traditional instruments that he found on his travels around the world, he cleverly contributes to his mixes. It wasn't until 2014 that the long-time reggae fan, whose music is largely inspired by roots reggae, came up with the idea of ​​creating albums under the name Sumac Dub to produce. Meanwhile, four albums and an EP Sumac Dub: "Jam Session Vol 1“( released. In the Jam Session Vol. 1, which unfortunately turned out to be a bit short, I was already convinced by the first long track “le Chant de la Baleine” in which, as the title suggests, whale chants were sampled. In “Radio, Ney and Persan Setar” he cleverly combines the Persian reed flute (Nay) and the Persian long-necked lute (Setar) with the musical Dub-Framework. I like im Dub especially those ethnic, strange sounds. I watched the creation of “Les Oiseaux d'Europe” on youtube and I'm thrilled with how relaxed Tom Dorne aka Sumac is Dub Takes bird calls from a single and in his Dub built in. Everything sounds like one piece. And to top it off, we hear one more on “Bass Température” dubBig violin sound. Overall, we are offered a showcase of original styles with many musical influences. Jam Session Vol. 1 is a short but very interesting one Dub-Plant!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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High Ras Vorbei !

Is that because of my comment on Philipp's Highlights 2019 or just coincidence that this is the review of the
EP stands? Or is it even a kind of “soul migration over the church tower” again?
In any case, I think it's very good that this (I always want to write a disc, but that is slowly becoming obsolete) EP is really appreciated again here.
I keep finding that musicians who are at least inspired by Roots Reggae are also the best Dubmake s. Confirm exceptions …… blablabla… .. So I'm thrilled!

“A little bit more… a little bit more” ………………………… .. lemmi

Hi Lemmi,

I always say that there are actually no coincidences. So not here either, I have sumac Dub for a long time and had this contribution already in the pipeline. Your comment only motivated me to put the post under the DubBring blog community.
Well, you got the ball rolling.

By the way, did you know that Sumac (h) is a spice that is often used in Persian cuisine. It tastes a bit sour

Honor where honor is due!

For me, Philpp got the ball rolling, because if I don't have anything from Sumac on his list Dub had read, I would probably have been made aware of it through you.

(To be honest, I prefer “sweet and hot” to “sweet and sour”.)

But I always find it refreshing that we have so much in common in terms of taste, even without influencing each other. After all, Sumac can Dub not be so bad, because there are already three fans at the start.

"Pump Up The Jam" ………………… .. lemmi

Nice ODG find. There aren't just assembly line steppers there. And now it's nice to find out here that it's whale songs, I pressed the pause several times the first time I heard it because I thought that someone next door was experiencing violence ...

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