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The multi-instrumentalist and classically trained violinist Tom Dorne aka sumac Dub got a new (free) album yesterday "Norwegian“( released. The very appealing cover involuntarily reminds me of the Ents from "Lord of the Rings". Last December Sumac Dub nor the EP "Jam Session Vol 1“Released to shorten the wait for the new, fifth album. The passionate world traveler took two years for "Norska". Sumac finds with his music Dub always a way to create interesting acoustic worlds that he explores freely and without limits. He audibly draws most of his inspirations from his many travels through Asia and the Middle East. So far, all of his albums have been peppered with many ethnic and musical influences. Next to it is Sumac Dub but also strongly influenced by the current electronicDub-Scene influenced by France. Art-X supports him in “Le Chant de Sirli” (The Song of the Lark) with soft, Pabloesque melodica passages. But even on “Norska” we occasionally get a more moderate “stepper”. What has an extremely positive impact on all of his works is the use of many exotic instruments that im Dub seldom or not used at all. Sumac Dub has again created a mystical oeuvre in which harmony and power are brilliantly in harmony. Tom Dorne aka Sumac Dub moves with his unique Dub- Understanding in a league of its own. The wait was more than worth it.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Is ok, then I'll just start again or maybe even the end.
The "album cover" clearly shows that DubAddicts and Dubwizzards like to dive into fantasy worlds and like to reject the ordinary life. All that's missing is my special friend Gollom, without whom the whole Lord of the Rings story would have been null and void for me. Gollom is clearly the boss. Without him, this whole slaughter would have been boring for me. Therefore the first part (the companions) is completely superfluous for me. I don't know who wanted to know that now either ……….
sumac Dub I've only known it since about December 2019, when it was first discussed here. Basically I also think his music is very good and especially the many ethnic influences make his music interesting for me. I still can't put into words why I'm at computersDub in the end it always depends on my daily shape. Yesterday I checked “Norska” and found it boring. Except for “Lost In Kafir”, which I immediately added to my favorite playlist. Today I listened to the “GratisDaten” again and thought it was almost great. Maybe I'm like a dolphin, with sometimes the left and sometimes the right hemisphere working more or less. “Lost In Kafir” is still my undisputed favorite today. Even if the - in fact - moderate steppers Dubs really liked, but they remain - for me - behind the spatially more effective ones Dubs without a “pounding rhythm”.
I guess I can't get out of my skin. Steppers just doesn't put me in a “mystical state.” Fortunately, there are many here Dubs who stride through the valley with the serene sovereignty of the Ents (until yesterday I thought the hot Ends) and clear the way for Natural Mystic. Provided that one is able to perceive computer music as something natural. For me, as I said, it's on the day.
But it is not pure computer music either, because dear Tom Dorne aka Sumac Dub also allows real instruments to flow into the framework of computer sounds. And that just brings a lot of "life into the house".

Greetings ……………… .. lemmi

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